nyc-skinnyAh, the Big Apple. New York City is one potpourri of cultures, people and interesting innovations, and it certainly loves being in the center of attention. Hence, it is not surprising to hear architectural firm SHoP Architects playing up the possibility of working on what could very well be the tallest and thinnest building in the city, which will be a place for folks to reside in instead of a plump corporation’s headquarters address. It is said that this new building will stand tall at 1,350 feet, and up to 10 floors of residents will be able to gaze down upon the Empire State building, which was once the tallest building in the world.

One ought to take note that the new apartment building will not come with that much living space – as it should be approximately 45 feet wide, which means the elevators will be jostling for space alongside your living space, so do expect a rather cramped living experience if you decide to part with your hard earned money for this bad boy. It definitely is not going to come cheap at all, considering the high price of land in this metropolis. However, just how bad is it that you want to own the bragging rights to look down on the Empire State building?

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