New York’s MTA has hired Control Group to install 90 touchscreen kiosks which will include a number of helpful apps in NYC subways. At first 90 of these kiosks will be installed at major subway routes such as Grand Central Station. They’ll cater to over 2 million commuters daily, which include a handsome number of tourists. These kiosks will display important information such as train times, delays, outages, as well as advertising. They’ll also map out the fastest route to any given station and will advise the user of any transfers that need to be made enroute to their destination.

The touchscreen kiosks are essentially 47-inch displays protected by rugged stainless steel. They’re equipped with video cameras and have an operational temperature of 200 degrees. These kiosks will be installed at train platforms, stations and on mezzanines mostly in pairs. The kiosks will also be able to run third party apps that the MTA approves. This is a good step on the MTA’s part. Not only will it bring additional revenue from advertising, it’ll also be of enormous help to people who’re new to the subways in New York. If the kiosks work out well, hopefully we can see other cities jumping on this bandwagon.

[photo credit: fastcodesign]

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