Boasting or showing off online about your illegal activities is certainly a recipe for disaster. Take Cody Hall for example, the teenager who boasted about his reckless driving on Twitter, which ultimately led to a vehicular manslaughter charge against him to being upgraded to murder. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today announced the biggest gun bust in the history of the city. Authorities arrested 19 people who were involved in selling more than 254 weapons illegally, only because an up and coming rapper thought it would be cool to upload videos featuring cash and firearms at a recording studio in Bed-Stuy to YouTube.

The gunrunners were bringing in guns from North and South Carolina on discount charter buses, the guns were filled in suitcases. Authorities were actually investigating this ring for over 10 months, one undercover office ever made a number of purchases such as a semi-automatic rifle that was concealed inside a suitcase. Matthew Best, the rapper mentioned above, also posted some pictures to Instagram that contained firearms. This evidence coupled with wiretaps led to authorities finally bringing down the ring.The 19 people arrested were indicted on numerous counts of conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal sale of a firearm as well as other crimes. [Image via @jdavidgoodman]

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