Microsoft has made a couple of Office related announcements over recent weeks and it has something to share with us today as well. The company has announced that starting today it is rolling out Clutter to Office 365 business customers. Powered by Office Graph, Clutter is designed to boost productivity by helping users to focus on the most important messages in their inbox.

Clutter uses machine learning to figure out which messages require your immediate attention. It moves lower priority messages out of the way automatically so users don’t have to waste time looking through a long list for an important one. The lower priority messages are grouped in a new Clutter folder thus completely removing potential distractions from within the inbox.

The more users take advantage of Clutter the more it will be able to determine which messages they are likely to ignore. Once those messages arrive they’re automatically moved to the Clutter folder. It will look at users’ prior actions with messages of a particular type, and even how users are addressed in that particular message.

This experience is personalized to each individual, and all of the information that Clutter users to learn about that particular individual are only applied to the user experience. Microsoft says that this information is not shared with anyone.

Clutter is disabled by default for Office 365 users’ inbox. It can be switched on through the Outlook Web App options menu.

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