If you’re not satisfied with proprietary online productivity solutions like Office 365 and Google Docs there is now an alternative. The Document Foundation has revealed today that it will soon be releasing a new product called LibreOffice Online. As the name suggests this is going to be an open source online productivity suite. Think of LibreOffice Online simply as a competitor of Google Docs and Office 365.

Since everything will run through a web browser LibreOffice Online faces no OS restrictions, that’s similar to other online productivity solutions, users will be able to create office documents easily through LibreOffice Online.

“Thanks to the increasing number of companies which are investing on the development of LibreOffice, we are on track to make it available on every platform, including the cloud,” said Eliane Domingos de Sousa, Director of The Document Foundation.

Development of LibreOffice Online was actually started back in 2011. It was developed as a proof of concept of the client front end based on HTML5.

Now the proof of concept is going to be developed into a proper cloud application that’s going to position itself as a free alternative to proprietary solutions like Office 365 and Google Docs. It will also be the first solution to natively support the Open Document Format (ODF).

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