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Omate Announces Wherecom K3 Smartwatch For Kids
When it comes to smartwatches and wearable tech, Omate is a company that has some experience in that field. However instead of launching new products at at adults, it seems that the company is turning their eye towards children and has recently announced the Wherecome K3, a smartwatch designed for kids in mind.

Omate TrueSmart+, TrueSmart-i Android Powered Smartwatches
Omate might not necessarily be a brand many would have come to associate with smartwatches, but the company has churned out several wearables in the past that are part of its TrueSmart smartwatch lineup. Now the company has officially announced a new addition to the TrueSmart+ family with the TrueSmart+.The TrueSmart+ follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with its Android-powered operating system. Yup, this smartwatch does not run Android […]

Omate And Emanuel Ungaro Team Up
Wearable technology need not make sure that it remains within the realm of the geeky, of course, as there is also value in looking fashionable. Omate has decided to extend its smart jewelry line up in collaboration with French Fashion House Emanuel Ungaro, so exciting times are ahead for fashionistas who are also technologically inclined. Having said that, this collaboration has resulted in the Ungaro ring that received inspiration for […]

Omate Debuts New Smartwatches For The New Year
[CES 2015] Omate is no stranger to the world of smartwatches, and this time around, they intend to get the new year off on the right footing with the MediaTek Aster chipset (MT2502) underneath the hood of the Roma (which you are able to see second from right), while the Racer timepiece would offer a rugged and of course, sportier look as opposed to its more delicate siblings. These two […]


Omate Announces Omate Lutetia, Smartwatch for… Women!
When it comes to smartwtaches, manufacturers, and especially startups, tend to focus on the male audience. We have seen a few timid attempts to appeal to the female audience by Apple, which announced two different models of its Apple Watch and by Withings, which made the effort to design an elegant smartwatch, the Activite, with specific proportions that fit both the female and the male users.Omate is pushing the envelop […]

Omate X Announced
It was earlier this morning that we brought you word on the next Omate smartwatch which will target fashionistas, and apparently the Omate X just been announced officially. What kind of vision or image does the Omate X want to project for its wearer? Well, it will target those who love an updated wardrobe every single season, while telling the time – in style, of course, nothing less will do.

Omate Smartwatch Targets Fashionistas
The smartwatch industry is certainly a growing one, no doubt about that, and as to how far and fast this particular market will expand, that remains to be seen. We have seen a fair number of players make their way to this niche area, and Omate too, wants to continue with their next project after their TrueSmart cellular watch comes close to being a year old.