omateThe smartwatch industry is certainly a growing one, no doubt about that, and as to how far and fast this particular market will expand, that remains to be seen. We have seen a fair number of players make their way to this niche area, and Omate too, wants to continue with their next project after their TrueSmart cellular watch comes close to being a year old.

It seems that the upcoming timepiece will be known as the Omate X, where it will lean more on the fashion side compared to being functional, sporting a sleeker metallic design as well as a removable 22mm genuine leather strap. There is one particular drawback that geeks might not be too happy with though – this will be different from the TrueSmart that ran on the Android platform, as the Omate X will function as a notification companion instead just like the Pebble. One good thing from such an arrangement? We are looking at a possible week long battery life.

Needless to say, the upcoming Omate X will play nice with either Android or iOS devices, where we do hope that more details will be revealed at its official announcement that is set to happen tomorrow. Image courtesy of Engadget.

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