omateWearable technology need not make sure that it remains within the realm of the geeky, of course, as there is also value in looking fashionable. Omate has decided to extend its smart jewelry line up in collaboration with French Fashion House Emanuel Ungaro, so exciting times are ahead for fashionistas who are also technologically inclined. Having said that, this collaboration has resulted in the Ungaro ring that received inspiration for its design from the iconic Diva perfume that was introduced by Emanuel Ungaro all the way back in 1983.

The aim of the Ungaro ring? Not to rule humanity, but to empower modern women by connecting them to their inner circle, which is what matters a whole lot to women. Relying on the “less is more” mantra, the Ungaro ring will be the first of an entire generation of wearable fashion tech via the Omate platform.

The idea is not new, we met the founder of Ringly when the startup launched its connected ring with similar features (please note we have not seen the Ungaro ring).

With the Omate iOS app, users can filter through the numerous messages and notifications that they receive to just one VIP contact. This means, a pre-selected contact, through either calls or text messages that are sent to the ring holder, will see the ring vibrate subtly as a form of notification. Sort of like an Apple Watch or other smartwatches, but more discreet. The Ungaro ring will run on a Nordic Semiconductor that is built around a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU. Security is enhanced through Cypheme smart label technology. One can pick the Ungaro ring in gold and silver, while an assortment of five gemstones: blue topaz; opalite; onyx; sapphire and ruby are also there for your picking later this November, with an asking price that starts from $500 and goes all the way to $2,000.

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