HTC One X Rumored To Receive Android 4.2.2 Update With Sense 5 In June/July

Unfortunately unlike iOS devices where once an update has been made available, all devices receive it, Android users are subject to longer periods of waiting where they will have to either wait for the device manufacturer to release the update, wait for their carrier to release it, or they will have to flash a custom ROM that is built around the update. Either way if you’re a HTC One X […]

HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Goes Global

Waiting is tough. But in the end, it’s all worth it. You already know that HTC started pushing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates to its One X smarphones in October. But a few of our readers are still saying that they haven’t received the update yet. It’s important to note that the update is going to be gradual. Today, we are hearing a few unlocked HTC One X owners receiving […]

AT&T HTC One X+, One VX launch details leaked?

Here is the latest on the grapevine – it seems as though AT&T will be making available the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X+ and the HTC One VX, as both smartphones seem scheduled for a release in the US later this Friday – which is November 16th. Of course, not everyone thinks that the HTC One X+ is the bee’s knees as it has not […]

HTC One X+, One VX and Windows Phone 8X will be headed AT&T’s way

It was just yesterday that HTC officially announced the One X+, finally putting an end to the rumors and speculation. At that time the announcement was for European and South Asian markets but if you’re in the US and you were wondering when you will get the phone, you’re in luck as AT&T has announced that they will be the ones to carry the device. This is despite earlier rumors […]


HTC One X and One S to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update later this month

Back in September we speculated that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean would begin rolling out to HTC One X users come October. Well if you own the HTC One X or the One S you’re in luck as spotted in the press release of the HTC One X+, it seems that HTC has rather quietly, but officially, announced that both the HTC One X and the One S will be receiving […]

HTC One X+ is now official

Good news folks, if the HTC One X+ has been a phone you’ve had your eye on, well you’re in luck as HTC has officially announced the handset. This is after the rumors and leaked photos, but we guess it is now official. For those wondering about its specs, the rumors had it right and you can expect to see the HTC One X+ come with NVIDIA’s Tegra-3 quad-core processor […]

More HTC One X+ photos surface

The other day we reported that thanks to a leaked O2 brochure, the specs of the upcoming HTC One X+ were leaked. Well it looks like the folks at Pocket-Lint have managed to get their hands on what appears to be photos of the device itself and based on what we’re looking at, well it seems that the rumors were right on the money when they said that the phone […]

HTC One X+ specs leaked in O2 brochure

Earlier this month we reported that according to a leak, the HTC One X+ had its specs leaked. If you’re not a fan of leaks and approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism, we don’t blame you, but if the One X+ is a phone that you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on, UK carrier O2 seems to have leaked the specs of the device in a brochure, giving […]

HTC One X+ with T-Mobile’s branding spotted in leaked photo

If you are looking forward to the HTC One X+, it seems that T-Mobile could be the carrier you will be able to pick it up from, at least that’s what previous rumors have suggested. If you’re not the sort that buys into rumors and would rather see it to believe it, you’re in luck as @evleaks has managed to get their hands on a photo of the HTC One […]

HTC offering urBeats headphones with iPhone trade-ins and purchase of the HTC One X

So maybe the iPhone 5 was not the iPhone that you’ve been waiting for all this while and you’re looking for a change of scenery; Android perhaps. Well if you’re thinking about making the switch, it seems that the folks at HTC have a pretty sweet deal going on for iPhone owners. As you can see in the ad above, HTC is currently offering a deal to iPhone owners where […]

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update coming to HTC One X this October?

The HTC One X is still running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich just in case you were wondering, although there are unofficial Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROMs released for it. For those who prefer to have everything come from the source so that the risk of crashing your smartphone is minimized, then whispers of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update coming your way sometime in October would definitely carve […]

HTC One X+ for T-Mobile delayed [Rumor]

So come 19th September, HTC could be unveiling several new devices, one of which could be the HTC One X+, where the rumors are saying it’s basically an improved version of the HTC One X. The closest thing we have to a confirmation would be its FCC appearance, but beyond that we guess we will have to wait for HTC to make the official announcement themselves. However according to the […]

HTC One X+ hits the FCC

Look at what we have here, ladies and gentlemen – the HTC One X+ which has arrived at the FCC, along the way revealing most of its glory underneath the hood. We are looking at a quad-core Tegra 3 processor here alongside the NVIDIA Tegra 3 (PM63100) chipset in tow. Not only that, this particular visit to the FCC did reveal support for AT&T’s LTE bands, translating to a shameless […]

HTC is giving you a chance to win the One X Cushnie et Ochs handset

The other day we reported that HTC had created a special edition of the HTC One X with fashion design team, Cushnie et Ochs. We believed that the handset was only available to those who attended Fashion Week, but you’re in luck as apparently HTC is looking to give away one of the phones. The contest is relatively simple and the winner will be randomly selected. All you’d have to […]