One of the drawbacks to custom UIs used by manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition is that they can be bloated. Thanks to these bloated UIs, many Android users have found themselves turning to custom ROMs which provides a cleaner UI minus the bloat, making it a more speedy experience. If you’re looking for that kind of experience on your HTC device, you might be interested to learn that a ROM based on a yet-to-be-released skin for the international HTC One X has been released on the XDA forums. Based on Sense 4.1, this new skin is said to be fast and has managed to obtain a score of 5900+ on Quadrant. However since we have yet to try this out for ourselves, we can’t really confirm those numbers. However if you’d like to give this ROM a go, you can head on over to the XDA forums for the download, or check out the changelog below for the details.

Sense 4.1 RUU has been leaked (version number 2.15.401.5) , and after some testing, we found the following fixes:

  1. Live wallpaper lag has been fixed
  2. There’s a dedicated button in the Camera app to switch between Front/Backward facing cameras. (earlier you’d have to go into the menu for that.)
  3. A dedicated button to switch tabs in the browser. (You’d have to go into the menu for that, too)
  4. Complete removal of all 3D-Effects in the launcher leading to a completely lag-free experience.
  5. Probably the most important- Rebased on Android 4.0.4
  6. Added ability to remap the recent apps button/ Long-press recent apps/ Long-press Home as Menu. (yes, it removes the Virtual menu bar) under Settings->Display, Gestures and Buttons
  7. New, blazing fast kernel. We mean it. It scored a pretty impressive 59oo+ in Quadrant benchmark (compared to 5100+ on Sense 4)
  8. Wifi-dropping/ Icon showing weak signal Fixes.
  9. Better Battery life- 5 Hour+ Screen-on time as compared to a measly 3 Hour+ on Sense 4.

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