So come 19th September, HTC could be unveiling several new devices, one of which could be the HTC One X+, where the rumors are saying it’s basically an improved version of the HTC One X. The closest thing we have to a confirmation would be its FCC appearance, but beyond that we guess we will have to wait for HTC to make the official announcement themselves. However according to the folks at HTC Source, it seems that if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and are interested in getting your hands on the One X+, you might be in a spot of bad luck.

They have reported that according to their sources, the T-Mobile variant of the One X+ has been delayed although it was not stated why, and how long it would be delayed for. They are also reporting that even though its design will be similar to that of the One X, it will be slightly thicker due to its larger battery which is probably good news for those hoping for longer battery life. Once again we advise you to take this with a grain of salt, but check back with us in a couple of days for the official details.

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