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OnePlus X Ceramic & Champagne Now Available During Open Sales
If you’re looking for a mid-ranger with decent specs and a relatively affordable price, the OnePlus X is one of the newer contenders in this field. However if aesthetics plays an important role in your decision making process, you will be pleased to learn that as promised, OnePlus has started selling both the Ceramic and Champagne editions of the phone.Both phones will be available to purchase every week on Tuesday […]

OnePlus X Champagne Edition Launched As OnePlus Turns Two
Times flies because believe it or not, OnePlus has turned 2! While there are plenty of smaller smartphone makers in the market today, safe to say that not many of them have made the same splash that OnePlus has in recent times. We suppose this is largely thanks to the fact that the OnePlus One was one of the few phones around that was launched with Cyanogen OS preinstalled.To celebrate […]

Pick Up A OnePlus X Sans Invite Each Tuesday
It does look as though that each OnePlus handset goes through a rite of passage – and that would be the ability for ordinary folks to make a purchase without the need for an invite. The OnePlus 2 arrived at this particular state not too long ago, and for a limited time only, this invite-free offer was extended to the OnePlus X as well. Having said that it looks like […]

OnePlus X Ceramic Will Be Available Starting Tomorrow
Last month the folks at OnePlus launched a ceramic version of its OnePlus X handset. The phone was initially only available via charity auction but according to a post by OnePlus, they have announced that the ceramic version of the OnePlus X will be officially available to the masses come 10th of December.Do note that users will need an invitation in order to get their hands on one, and also […]


OnePlus 2 Goes Invite-Free Permanently Starting December 5th
OnePlus has maintained that the invite system it employs for selling its handsets has proven to be crucial for the company in scaling its operations, however the people who were willing to spend money on its handsets were less happy about it. They had to wait for an invite before they were able to purchase a OnePlus handset, but fortunately just in time for the holidays, the company has confirmed […]

Buy OnePlus 2 And OnePlus X Without Invite Starting Today
Unlike almost every major company OnePlus has decided that it won’t be offering a discount on its handsets this Black Friday, the only incentive that it’s providing to customers during the holidays as far as devices go is that it’s allowing anyone and everyone to purchase the OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X without an invite between now and November 30th.

Oxygen OS 2.1.3 Update Hits The OnePlus X
For those of you who happen to be rocking out to the OnePlus X smartphone from the folks over at OnePlus, here is news for you – it seems that there is a new software update that is well on its way to the mobile device, and guess what – there will be no Marshmallow involved, but rather, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop will remain as it is after the update is […]

OnePlus X Ceramic Goes Up For Auction
It wasn’t too long ago that the OnePlus X was announced. Unlike its bigger brother the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X is focused more of aesthetics, thus resulting in a phone that isn’t quite as powerful as the OnePlus 2, but at the same time featuring a more elegant design (we guess this would be subjective).The company had teased earlier that they would be launching a OnePlus X Ceramic version […]

Buy OnePlus 2 Without Invite This Black Friday Weekend
You may not come across many people who particularly like the invite system that OnePlus implements for selling its smartphones. The company says that it does this to ensure that it can adequately manage demand and supply, but for customers it can be frustrating, sometimes they have to keep waiting to get an invite before they can spend their money on a product OnePlus is selling. At least they won’t have […]

OnePlus X Invites Can Now Be Claimed In The US & Canada
If you like what you see in the OnePlus X and have made a reservation to get your invite, you might be pleased to learn that OnePlus has officially announced that the invites are now live meaning that you can go ahead and claim them to order your phone. For those who have yet to reserve an invite, you can go ahead and do so on OnePlus’ website.That being said, […]

OnePlus On-Guard Insurance Now Available In U.S. And Canada
Earlier this month OnePlus launched the On-Guard insurance plan for its smartphones, the plan provides coverage against breakage such as a broken screen, damage due to the device being dropped, accidental damage and even vandalism. Initially this plan was only available to new customers in Europe, it’s has now been expanded to the United States and Canada as well.

OnePlus Shares Its Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Schedule
If you have bought any of OnePlus’ handsets like the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, or the OnePlus X, you’ll realize that they are still running on the previous version of Android, or at least they are running on ROMs that are based on the previous Android build which is Lollipop. So the question is when will they be upgraded to Marshmallow?For those who are curious and eager for the latest […]

OnePlus X Might Have LTE Issues In The US
The OnePlus X was announced not too long ago and it’s basically a phone with an affordable price tag, decent specs, and a pretty slick design to boot. If you were thinking of getting your hands on the phone, it could be a worthy purchase but if you are living in the US, here’s some bad news.According to the OnePlus X specs, it seems that the phone comes with LTE […]

OnePlus Launches On-Guard Insurance Plan For Its Smartphones
Most people like to purchase additional protection for their mobile devices, it can be in the form of a case or skin, many also opt for extended warranty and insurance plans that cover breakage and accidental damage which could cost a pretty penny to fix. OnePlus has launched such a plan for its smartphones, On-Guard is a new insurance plan that it has put together from simplesurance, it’s currently being […]