OS X is the Operating System used on Apple Macintosh computers. It is based on Unix and started to ship on Macs in 2002. It succeeded to Mac OS 9 which was the final version of the pre-OS X operating system for Apple computers. OS X is derived from the work done on NeXTSTEP, the operating system written for Steve Job’s NeXT company.

Latest OS X 10.11.4 Update Causing System Freezes
Software updates typically introduce new features, bug fixes, and system improvements. However from time to time, an update does go awry and causes more problems than it fixes, take for example the latest OS X El Capitan update. If you haven’t updated to OS X 10.11.4, maybe you should hold off on doing so.

WhatsApp Releases Desktop App For Windows And Mac
The other day it was speculated that WhatsApp could be working on a desktop version of its app Given that WhatsApp already sort of exists on the desktop via a web interface, we guess this was the next logical step. The good news is that we did not have to wait long because WhatsApp has since released its app for the desktop.

This Tool Will Help Detect Ransomware On OS X
Just because there aren’t as many cases of malware infecting Mac computers doesn’t mean that they are immune. That being said if you want to be safe and keep your Mac computer free from ransomware, you will be pleased to learn that security research Patrick Wardle has released a tool called “RansomWhere?” to help combat ransomware on OS X computers.

Apple Website Hints That OS X Could Be Renamed To MacOS
OS X has been the name Apple has used for its operating system for awhile now, but it seems that Apple could be getting ready to move on to a different name. We’ve already seen how Apple’s naming system works as of late, like watchOS for the Apple Watch, and tvOS for the Apple TV.


Apple Patches OS X Bug That Can Leak Your iMessages
From time to time you might receive notifications about an update for your operating system. Unless it’s a very obvious bug that impacts the performance of your computer, some of you guys might choose to ignore the update until a later date. Now if you are an OS X user, you might want to update your operating system ASAP.

OS X 10.11.4 Update Causing Some iMessage, FaceTime Login Problems
Whenever a software update has been made available, it’s always good news since it means that problems are addressed, there are security improvements, and sometimes even new features. Unfortunately from time to time software updates actually end up causing more problems than before.

Mac Users Targeted By Ransomware Campaign
There are many who are inclined to believe that Mac computers are less susceptible to hacks or viruses compared to Windows, which unfortunately isn’t particularly true. In fact just over the weekend, it has been reported by Mac users were targeted by a ransomware campaign, according to searchers with Palo Alto Networks in a report from Reuters.

Siri Is Reportedly Coming To Mac
Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, had a humble start on the iPhone. It has been included in every iPhone model since and has also been expanded to the iPad, Apple Watch and even the Apple TV. There’s one major Apple product line that doesn’t have Siri yet and you can probably guess what product line it is. According to a new report, one of the biggest features of the next iteration of OS […]

Batman: Arkham Knight For Mac & Linux Cancelled
Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham Knight was launched on the PC with a lot of issues, but eventually it did find its way back onto the platform. Now we’re sure there were some Mac and Linux gamers who were hoping that by catching these bugs and issues that when the game arrived on their platforms, it would be problem-free.

How To Uninstall Apps On Mac
Unlike Windows where there are options provided to uninstall an app, it isn’t quite the same for Apple’s Mac OS X platform, which might be a little disconcerting for novice Mac users who want to uninstall apps on their computer to free up hard disk space, or for other reasons.Sometimes you get apps that come with uninstallers. To find out if they have an uninstaller, launch Finder, go to ‘Applications’, […]

Safari On iOS And OS X Seem To Be Crashing Today
It seems that for some strange reason, iOS and OS X users are reporting that today, their Safari app on either platform seems to be crashing out of the blue. For iOS users, some report that just by tapping the URL bar in the app will cause it to crash, which has led to speculation that maybe this has to do with the Safari Suggestions service.

This Bug Makes Chrome’s Incognito Mode Not-So-Private Anymore
Want some privacy while browsing the web, at least from people you might share a computer with? Browsers like Google’s Chrome comes with an Incognito Mode which is supposed to help you with that. However it turns out that maybe Incognito Mode might not necessarily be so private after all, as discovered by one user (via The Next Web), Evan Andersen.

Apple’s Swift Language Is Now Open Source
Last year Apple introduced their Swift programming language, which for developers was actually a nice surprise. What was an even bigger surprise was that earlier this year during WWDC 2015, Apple’s SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi promised that Swift will eventually be made open source.The good news for developers is that the time has come as Swift is now officially open source. According to Federighi earlier this year, “We […]

Blizzard: Overwatch Not Coming To OS X
When developers make games, they tend to make them for the PC first, and then they might consider an OS X version. Sometimes the OS X version can arrive as many as several years after the PC release. However developers such as Blizzard have typically done a good job of releasing for both PC and OS X at the same time.Unfortunately for the company’s upcoming shooter Overwatch, it looks like […]