OS X is the Operating System used on Apple Macintosh computers. It is based on Unix and started to ship on Macs in 2002. It succeeded to Mac OS 9 which was the final version of the pre-OS X operating system for Apple computers. OS X is derived from the work done on NeXTSTEP, the operating system written for Steve Job’s NeXT company.

Malware On Macs Reaches An All-Time High
Mac computers have typically been known to not have as many malware/virus issues compared to Windows. This isn’t to say that the OS X platform built by Apple is invulnerable, it’s just that there aren’t as many viruses or malware that have targeted Mac computers over the years. However as Apple’s computers become more popular, so have malware that targets the platform.According to a report from BleepingComputer (via BGR) which […]

Apple Won’t Be Merging iOS And OS X
It would almost seem like Apple is following in Microsoft’s footsteps, what with iOS and OS X sharing similar features and being able to communicate with one another. It almost looks like there could be a future where iOS and OS X could merge, like how there is Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.Unfortunately for iOS and OS X merger hopefuls, that will not be happening anytime soon. This is […]

Teen Discovers Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In OS X
Say a few years ago, when the topic of OS X versus Windows came up, the favorite argument that was used is that OS X is more secure than Windows as there are less cases of malware and viruses attacking the system. Fast forward to today, that statement might not be so true after all.In fact in the recent years we have been seeing more security issues and flaws discovered […]

Boot Camp Windows 10 Support Is Here
 It’s not that hard to install Windows on a Mac, Apple actually provides its own tool for this purpose called Boot Camp. Setting everything up doesn’t take too long and once it’s up and running you can use both OS X and Windows on the same machine. Now that Windows 10 is out many were waiting on Apple to update its Boot Camp tool and today it has released an updated […]


iOS 9, OS X El Capitan Will Be Able To Track Flights
One of the unique features of Google Now on Android phones is its ability to know what you have planned, thanks to your emails and calendars. So if you have an upcoming flight, closer to the date it will begin display that flight information via Google Now cards to keep you informed of the status and to act as reminder.Interestingly enough it turns out that iOS 9 and Apple’s OS […]

OS X Beta Hints At Split-Screen Support For The iPad Mini 4
One of the features that Apple will be bringing to the table with iOS 9 is split-screen viewing. This has been a feature long-requested by many iPad users and thankfully it will be arriving in iOS 9. However Apple had previously suggested that only the iPad Air 2 would be able to use it due to its A8X processor, but now according to new info, it could be arriving on […]

How To View Hidden Files (Win, OS X, Android)
You can hide your personal files on all operating systems using different methods, but once hidden, it can be difficult to view again. Operating systems also come with sensitive hidden files by default to keep things simple, and you can’t access these files unless you unhide them.There is a chance you might have hidden a file or folder by accident, or may be an app has hidden files on your […]

Windows 10 On Steam Has Already Surpassed Gamers On OS X & Linux
A report from yesterday revealed that Windows 10 is on a steady rise and already commands about 2.47% of the operating system market. This is pretty impressive but what about games? How does Windows 10 fare when it comes to the gaming scene? As it turns out Windows 10 is also doing pretty well on that front.According to the latest stats offered by Valve’s Steam, it seems that Windows 10 […]

Researchers Create First Firmware Worm That Can Infect Macs
Some of you guys might recall that a couple of months ago, an exploit nicknamed Thunderstrike was discovered for Mac computers, where basically it could allow hackers to modify the firmware of a Mac computer. Further proving the vulnerability and bringing it to attention, a group of researchers have built on that exploit, resulting in Thunderstrike 2.According to a report from WIRED, it seems that Thunderstrike is basically a worm […]

Windows 10 Now Has 2.47% Of The OS Market
A couple of days ago, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 has been installed on over 14 million devices which is a pretty impressive figure, but in terms of overall market share, exactly how much does that 14 million and more represent? The folks at Statcounter (via WMPoweruser) have the figures and the numbers are pretty encouraging.As you can see in the graph above, Windows 10 is currently on a pretty […]

Mac Sales Up 16.1% In June, PC Sales On The Decline
When it comes to market share, it is obvious that as much as Apple is trying, they are still very much lagging behind compared to PCs. However it seems that while it might take them a while to catch up, they are at least on the right path. According to the latest numbers put out by research firm IDC, they found that sales of Mac computers are on the rise.According […]

Office 2016 For Mac Has Been Released...With A Catch
We suppose it isn’t a secret that Microsoft is working on Office 2016 for Mac computers, but the good news is that if you were looking forward to using Microsoft’s productivity suite of apps, you’re in luck as the Redmond company has recently announced that they are releasing Office 365 for Mac.This is no doubt good news but there is a slight catch. The catch is that Office 2016 for […]

Apple Will Turn To Two-Factor Authentication Process
At the moment Apple relies on a two-step verification process for certain aspects of iOS and OS X. This means that if you were to try and login into one of Apple’s services, you would enter your password and then receive a one-time code to verify that it is indeed you who is logging into the service.However it seems that Apple might be interested in upping the security on their […]

Apple’s National Park Naming Scheme Boosts Tourism
The last version of OS X to be named after a member of the cat family was OS X Mountain Lion. Ever since then, Apple has opted to name OS X after locations around America, like OS X Mavericks which is a surf point in California. Then there was OS X Yosemite, and recently we were greeted with OS X El Capitan.Now as it turns out, it seems that Apple’s […]