Here is a little lesson in reasoning – your brain is a computer, and hence, if you can overclock computers, surely the same applies to your brain as well. Unfortunately, there are no jumpers or adjustable voltage for us to play with where our brains are concerned, but Benjamin Syzek, a Ph.D neuroscience student at Michigan State University, might beg to differ. He claims that transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) is capable of delivering increased cognitive performance in a safe and effective manner. To put it in a nutshell, TDCS involves sending low levels of electrical current into the brain, and Syzek’s startup GoFlow backs up their claims by boldly offering a DIY kit that retails for a mere $99, allowing one to construct and assemble their very own TDCS machine in the comfort of their own home. I wonder if this can be applied to dogs, so that you can teach old dogs new tricks in order to defy that adage. I guess students who do last minute cramming sessions might be interested in something like the TDCS.

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