pepper-saleAre robots the future? Given the advancements in AI, we don’t see why not. In fact Japanese company SoftBank has been making some strides in the robotics department with its Pepper robot that has been making its way around the world to countries such as France and the US, just to name a few.

Now according to a report from Reuters, it looks like Pepper will be making its way to Taiwan as well. It is reported that there will be about 100 Pepper robots being rented in the country where it will find its way to banks and some Carrefour SA shops. The retailer is said to be trialing out the robots first and watch how it interacts with customers, especially children, before deciding whether or not to order more.

For those unfamiliar with the Pepper robot, this is a robot that was debuted by SoftBank several years ago. The idea behind Pepper is that it would be place on the frontlines when it came to customer service, where it would be able to do things a human does, such as greet customers, as well as to provide answer to any queries that customers might have.

So far Pepper’s availability seems to be more of a rental. As Reuters points out, there isn’t really much of a demand for such humanoid robots in households just yet, but like we said, as our gadgets and household appliances start to get more connected and smarter, robots do seem like the next logical step.

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