robot-enrols-classThe Pepper Robot is a fast selling piece of modern wonder, and this is not surprising considering how it has been used to try to sell a coffee machine to passers-by in the past. Well, the Pepper Robot has started to make waves in the headlines again, by being the first robot in the world to enroll in high school over in the Land of the Rising Sun.

This will certainly be a “student” who will stand out from the rest of the crowd, simply because it is not flesh and bone, but rather, comprises of metal and electronic parts. Not only that, it would be the very first time that a robot would study alongside humans.

The Pepper Robot shared after receiving news of his successful enrollment, “I never thought that I would be accepted into a human school.” This means this particular instance of the Pepper Robot would be a student at the Hisashi High School in Waseda, Fukushima Prefecture, and also promised to do his level best. Well, being a robot, he would surely have no issues when it comes to memorizing important dates and events on the calendar, don’t you think so? Pepper will participate mostly in English classes, although he has the permission from the higher ups in the school to drop by other classes.

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