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Adobe Releases M1 Compatible Version Of Photoshop
As Apple’s M1 computers are still relatively new, it means that in terms of optimized apps, there aren’t that many available at the moment. This is critical because if Apple is hoping to convince more users, especially professionals, to switch over to their M1 platform, they will need to have those apps made available to them.

A Professional Photographer Puts Apple’s M1 Chipsets To The Test
With Apple’s new M1 chipsets, many professionals are wondering how it holds up compared to Intel’s processors. After all, Intel has been more or less the industry standard for a while, and changing to a brand new platform could have the potential to negatively impact a professional’s workflow.

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives
Adobe Photoshop is a popular software utility to manipulate the image and enhance its appearance. No matter whether you are a professional or starting out, Adobe Photoshop offers several powerful features suitable for every user.However, with several options available, you might notice a steep learning curve or complexity while using it. Especially, for beginners. Not just limited to that, Adobe’s monthly subscription for its software cannot be considered as affordable […]

Adobe Photoshop Beta Released For Apple’s New M1 Macs
The reviews of Apple’s M1 computers are in and for the most part, they are extremely positive where many are praising the performance of these computers. However, one common thread that all these reviews have is that for now, there aren’t many apps that have been optimized for the new M1 chipset.


Restore Photoshop Files With PSD Repair Kit, or Free Solutions
The beauty that nature has given, Photoshop will save. Everyone has heard about this graphic editor, and many even tried to create using it. But not everyone knows that the program gained its popularity primarily due to the reliable and universal PSD format.

Adobe Finally Brings Curves To Photoshop For The iPad
Adobe’s Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that has been used by many professional graphic designs and photographers over the past decade or so. One of the more powerful tools that the app offers is curves, which allows users to better tweak and adjust the colors of their image.

Someone Created A Keyboard Dedicated To Photoshop’s Toolbars
If you’ve ever dived into the world of custom mechanical keyboards, then you know that dedicated macro pads are pretty common. This allows users to bind specific apps and functions to them, while creating a macro pad using keycaps and switches of their own personal preference.

Photoshop For iPad Gains New ‘Select Subject’ Feature
One of the features of Adobe Photoshop for the desktop is called Select Subject. This is a feature that is powered by Adobe’s Sense AI engine where it makes it easy for users to select images of their subjects in the app. Given that not all subject matters are regular-shaped, this can be a tricky process for those who aren’t too adept at using selection tools like the lasso.

Adobe Photoshop For The iPad Has Been Officially Launched
Last year, Adobe announced that they would be bringing a more robust version of Photoshop for the iPad. The good news is that if you love the idea of a more powerful photo and image editing app for your tablet, then you will be pleased to learn that Adobe has officially released Photoshop for the iPad.

Adobe Shows Off Its AI-Powered Object Selection Tool For Photoshop
Earlier this month, Adobe announced that for the 2020 version of Photoshop, they would be introducing new AI-powered tools, one of which is a smart object selection tool that will make selecting irregular shaped objects easier, especially for beginners and novices who are new to Photoshop.

Photoshop For iPad Still Launching In 2019, But Might Have Some Missing Features
Last year, it was reported that Adobe would be creating a “real” and full version of Photoshop designed for Apple’s iPad. The app was supposed to be launched this year, but given that we’re almost at the end of the year and the app is nowhere in sight, it’s safe to say that our confidence is not particularly high.

Adobe’s AI Can Spot Facial Manipulation In Photoshop
While using a tool like Photoshop to digitally manipulate an image is not exactly new, thanks to the advancement of technology, it has become a lot easier to do so. It has also become disturbingly realistic, where AI has been used to create photos and videos of people doing or saying things that are complete fabrications.

Adobe Photoshop For iPad Beta Signups Are Now Open
While some form of Adobe’s Photoshop has always been available on mobile devices, it isn’t quite as robust or complex compared to the desktop version of the app. However, last year announced alongside the new iPad Pros, Adobe also revealed that the “real” Photoshop would be coming to the iPad as well.

Adobe Announces ‘Real’ Photoshop Coming To The iPad In 2019
Adobe’s photo and image editing apps have always been available on mobile devices, although they are usually slightly different compared to their desktop counterparts, where they usually offer up the very basic features for light editing on the go. However that will change in 2019 as Adobe will be launching the “real” Photoshop experience on the iPad.

Full Adobe Photoshop For iPad Being Developed
Apple has been focusing on enabling users to do much more with the iPad than they ever could. The company added many features with iOS 11 to offer PC-like functionality but there are still many core desktop apps that can’t run on the tablet just yet. At least Adobe seems to be stepping forward to bridge this gap. The company is reportedly developing a full version of its popular Photoshop […]

Adobe Photoshop Gets Microsoft Surface Dial Support
It has been almost a year since the Surface Dial accessory was released by Microsoft for its Surface Studio all-in-one computer. There aren’t a lot of apps out there that have support for this accessory but more are gradually being added to the list. Adobe Photoshop was one of the apps that users wanted most to get support for the Surface Dial. It has now been confirmed that Adobe’s flagship […]

Photoshop Gets Touch Bar Support On New MacBook Pro
Apple recently launched the new MacBook Pro which features something no other MacBook Pro has ever had: a multi-touch display which replaces the function key row at the very top of the keyboard. Since it’s a proper display, it’s dynamic and can do so much more than a row of keys. Apple has opened up the Touch Bar to third-party developers to extend app functionality and Adobe is now following […]

Next Adobe Photoshop CC Update Will Have Smarter Cropping Tools
Have you ever tried to straighten and crop a photo before? If you have, you know that in the process of doing so, you will lose out some details in the images, especially around the corners of the photo. This is pretty much what photographers and image editors have had to deal with all these years, but maybe not for long.

Adobe Packages Best Photoshop Features In A Free App
If you’re not a professional photographer or someone who needs powerful image editing software then you probably don’t have much use for Adobe Photoshop, one of the most powerful and widely used image editing softwares out there. However many users like to merely use the app for retouching their photos or adding some effects, fairly mundane tasks when you consider what Photoshop is actually capable of doing, but given its high […]

Professionals Attempt To Use Adobe Photoshop 1.0 From 25 Years Ago
The original Adobe Photoshop was released 25 years ago on the 19th of February 1990. This means that the Photoshop software has been around for a very long time and safe to say it has seen a variety of improvements and changes over the years. However, how far has Adobe come with Photoshop?To put this to the test, CreativeLive recently tasked eight Photoshop professionals to try and create a Photoshop […]