If you’ve ever dived into the world of custom mechanical keyboards, then you know that dedicated macro pads are pretty common. This allows users to bind specific apps and functions to them, while creating a macro pad using keycaps and switches of their own personal preference.

If you are a Photoshop user and a professional that uses the app often, then this is a keyboard you might want to check out. Created by 3dDecors, this is a custom keyboard that has pretty much copied Photoshop’s toolbar and recreated it into a physical keyboard form. This comes with keys dedicated to each individual function on Photoshop’s toolbar, as well as a couple of knobs that you can use to tweak other settings.

While professional Photoshop users might have probably memorized all of the app’s keyboard shortcuts, having dedicated keys might be useful for beginners to save them endless clicking. However, we imagine that professionals can still probably appreciate it all the same, especially with the dials that will allow for fine-tuning of certain features and functions.

The keyboard itself is being sold for $100 which includes the custom silk-screen Photoshop keycaps, or $90 without. At the moment it appears to be sold out, but if you’re interested you can hop on over to 3dDecors’ Etsy shop for the details and maybe commission one for yourself.

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