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PlayStation Plus Members Get Shadow Of The Colossus For Free
Sony teased a number of titles that were expected to be made available for free in September for its PlayStation Plus members, which included titles like Rayman Origins, ICO HD and Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection. September has come and gone which means some new games will be made available for free as well at a discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers with this week’s free title being Shadow of the Colossus.

R2-D2 With Built-In Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Now Available For $800
Over the past couple of years, we’ve highlighted the R2-D2 multi-console game system, which allows you to play both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 within the famous droid’s small frame. That R2-D2 housed a built-in projector which allows you to game on any wall in your home at any time, and it looks like a similar R2-D2 multi-console game system has just made its way to Etsy where you […]

Dark Souls 2 PS3 Beta Starts On October 12 In North America, Europe
Namco announced just a few weeks ago they’ll be launching a beta for its upcoming title, Dark Souls 2, on the PlayStation 3 this October to probably prepare those who plan on purchasing the game in March 2014 to die an obscene number of times. It looks like Namco has just revealed when exactly North American, Australian and European Dark Souls fans will be able to partake in the beta, which […]

Sony PlayStation 3 12GB Model Available Now In The U.S.
Back in September 2012 we heard about the relatively cheaper Sony PlayStation 3. The company had made a significant change. It replaced the big hard drive PS3 originally came with 12GB of flash based memory. This radically drove the price down. However, there was one caveat. Sony didn’t release this model in U.S. back then. They exclusively marketed it in Hong Kong and Europe. Now nearly a year after its […]


Sony Compares PS4 With Launch PS3 To Show How Slim It Really Is [Video]
With the launch of a new generation of video game consoles comes the assumption the latest and greatest are also going to be the biggest. Many gamers already believe both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be huge eyesores in their living room, dorm or bedroom, but Sony has taken it upon themselves to do a bit of comparing between the launch version of the PlayStation 4 and the […]

Diablo 3 Teaser Trailer For PS3 Released
So we all know that Diablo 3 will be making its way onto the console, and we have seen some screenshots and footage of the game in action of the Sony PlayStation 3, but either way to hype up the release of the game even more, Blizzard has released a new PlayStation 3 teaser trailer, which to be honest seems like someone at Blizzard has been watching a bit too […]

New Lost Planet 3 Trailer Features A Lot Of Internal Monlogue [Video]
Capcom released a new trailer for Lost Planet 3 that highlights E.D.N. III as well as the Akrid.

New Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Video Compares SD Version
Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy X / X-2 comparing the HD version with the SD version.

Sony Launching Summer Blast Sale Tomorrow For PS3, PS Vita Games
Sony is launching its Summer Blast sale for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games starting tomorrow.

The Last Of Us Patched To Remove Phone-Sex Hotline Phone Numbers
The Last of Us was recently patched in order to rid the game of the accidental inclusion of a phone-sex number.

Netflix Launches Content Suggestion Engine Called Max Onto PS3
Netflix has launched a new content suggestion engine called Max onto the PlayStation 3.

Sony Refunding PS3 Owners After Inflating Deadpool Price
Those who purchased Deadpool on the PlayStation Network will be receiving a refund due to an error in pricing.

Sony Releases PS3 Firmware Update 4.46 To Fix 4.45 Issues
Sony has made good on its promise to offer a fix for its 4.45 firmware update by releasing 4.46.

Ellen Page Believes The Last Of Us Developers 'Ripped Off' Her Likeness
The hottest game that released this month has got to be The Last of Us, although I’m sure Animal Crossing fans may have to object to that statement. Either way, if you’re a PlayStation 3 owner, you’ve probably been sinking a ton of your time into The Last of Us and you may have noticed one of the main characters in the game, Ellie, looks a lot like Ellen Page. […]