Not only is Sony expected to deliver a new piece of gaming hardware with its PlayStation 4 later this year, but they’re also preparing its video streaming service to offer a better experience to its users in the very near future.

According to a new post on Sony’s Entertainment Network site, Sony is beta testing a faster and more adaptive format by offering a number of films at discounted prices. The discounted films will help Sony test out its new streaming technology, which the company at this point isn’t revealing what exactly it consists of. All users will have to do is log into the PlayStation Store, then navigate to the movies section where there should be an additional “beta” section available on the front page.

The films within the beta section will be greatly discounted, with HD films costing $1.99, while SD films are just $0.99. Hopefully during your time with Sony’s new streaming technology, you’ll notice if it magically improved the films that are included in the beta. If not, at least feel good that you got to see a film for next to nothing while helping Sony test some new tech.

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