Sony Makes Up For PSN Outage With PS Plus Extension And Discount Code

The Christmas holidays didn’t bring much joy for gamers around the world. Two of the biggest online gaming services, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, were down due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by a group called Lizard Squad. Gamers had to wait for a couple of days for these services to come back online. In order to make it up to everyone who suffered during this time, […]

PS Store Flash And Holiday Sales Extended

Online gaming with a PlayStation or Xbox console was pretty much impossible for the better part of last week as both gaming networks, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, were taken down with a distributed denial of service attack a day before Christmas. The company took a couple of days to get everything sorted and running smoothly, leaving many gamers frustrated. Since then things have been shuffled around to accommodate for […]

PlayStation Network Is Back Online

It was on Christmas Eve when we first reported that online gaming networks of both Sony and Microsoft were under attack. At the time PSN and Xbox Live were restored after a couple of hours but who knew that the attackers won’t sit still over Christmas. Both services were knocked down on Christmas inconveniencing a lot of people who would have wanted to get some good gaming sessions in, it […]

Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance On November 17th

Sony is giving PlayStation owners a heads up today so that they’re not caught unaware when PlayStation Network only provides limited access. That’s because the company needs to make some back-end improvements to the network which is why it has scheduled a PSN maintenance. During this time Account Management, PlayStation Store and PlayStation Home will not be available.


Gamers Having Trouble Connecting To Sony’s PlayStation Network

According to a variety of reports, it seems that the Sony PlayStation Network has been hit with connectivity issues. Players who are playing from their PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or PS Vita from Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan are all reporting that they have trouble connecting to the service. Many of these gamers are reporting the “cannot connect to the server” error message. So far Sony different region’s divisions […]

PlayStation Network Will Be Down For Over 12 Hours Tomorrow

Sony has announced today that it has rescheduled planned PlayStation Network maintenance to Thursday, August 28th. As a result PSN will be down for more than 12 hours between 16:00 and 05:00 BST. During this time it will not be possible to login to Account Management as well as the PlayStation Store. The PS Home will not be available as well tomorrow.

PlayStation Network Recovering From A Cyberattack

Today would have certainly brought back some bad memories for Sony. Many gamers found themselves disconnected from online gameplay sessions. It soon came to light that the PlayStation Network had come under a denial of service attack. The attack resulted in flooding of server connections which resulted in gamers being kicked offline. A group that goes by Lizard Squad is claiming responsibility for this attack.

Sony Creating ‘Powers’ Original TV Show For PlayStation

Sony has ample experience with creating TV shows and movies, the company has an entire arm dedicated to this particular business. However, what’s unheard of is it jumping into original programming for PlayStation. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House tells Wall Street Journal that the company is going to create original TV shows for PlayStation so that there is a “broad range of broadcast content to replicate the live TV […]

Sony Allows Retailers To Sell Digital PS4, PS3, PS Vita Titles

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners know all too well the process of purchasing a digital game on the PlayStation Network. The only way you can make your purchase is either through your PS3, PS Vita or online through the Sony Entertainment Network website. But starting today, a number of major retailers will allow its customers to buy digital content on the PlayStation Network.

PSN Scheduled Maintenance Occurring For Seven Hours Today

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners by now should know all too well Sony’s regularly scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance as it seems like the company announces their network will go down for a few hours at least one day per month. It looks like today is one of those days as Sony is scheduling to bring down their PlayStation Network for maintenance for the majority of the day.

Sony Promises To Improve PSN For PS4 Following GTA 5 Woes

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 was released last week to insane demand and the PlayStation Network, through which the game was being digitally distributed, had a tough time coping up with it. Multiple reports of download and installation issues come in, the error code 80029563 become the source of great aggravation for many gamers. One can’t fathom how it feels when an 18GB download goes corrupt. When gamers face similar […]

PlayStation Network Maintenance Scheduled For September 25

If you use the PlayStation Network in order to play Final Fantasy XIV, Call of Duty: Black Ops II or possibly sit back and watch some Netflix, then you’re going to be extremely bummed to hear Sony is planning another maintenance for its online service in the near future. How near future? How about September 25. Yep – tomorrow.

Ubisoft Announces Flashback Remake For XBLA, PSN

Ubisoft isn’t a stranger to bringing classic video games series to the modern as they have taken franchises like Prince of Persia to new heights, even remaking the classic game for a number of platforms. It looks like they’re aiming their sights at another classic game to receive a remake, Delphine Software’s Flashback. Ubisoft’s remake of Flashback is currently in development by VectroCell to be released on the Xbox Live […]

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories Headed To PSN Next Week

Rockstar Games has been steadily re-releasing its Grand Theft Auto games on the PlayStation Network as we’ve seen releases for Grand Theft Auto 3 , Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The only other Grand Theft Auto games that have yet to be released onto the PSN are its Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, and those are the two exact games that are being planned for […]