Uh-oh, the Anonymous hacker group has claimed to have hacked the PlayStation Network, or PSN, and downloaded 50GB worth of database that contain user accounts and passwords. From the look of it, a lot of emails are from Sweden, Russia and other European countries. It’s not clear if U.S user information was on the server that was breached, but this does not sound good.

At the moment, Sony has not commented yet, and they are without a doubt looking into the matter. As for users, they were pretty angry because the last time PSN was breached, there quite a lot of downtime and all of this was extremely inconvenient for players.

If you want to see if your email has been exposed, the hackers have uploaded the information to http://pastebin.com/HUjZPaF3 In the meantime, it is clear that spammers are having a field day, so you can expect to see a wave of spam/fishing following shortly. The Jebberish on the left side represent the encrypted usernames and passwords. Depending on how it was encrypted, it may or may not take a while to decrypt. Let’s hope that Sony used some sort of unique key per user.

Update 1:08pm PT: Sony has contacted Ubergizmo with this statement:

“We’ve confirmed that the recent claim that PlayStation Network was illegally hacked and that customer passwords and email addresses were accessed is completely false.”  (a Sony representative)

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