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Samsung Considering An Online TV Streaming Service
The age of cord-cutters is here. Cable networks have come to realize that and they’re gradually coming out with their own over-the-top TV streaming services. We already have options like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV with more expected to arrive in the future. Add Samsung to that list as it has been reported today that the company is considering its own online TV streaming service.

Hulu May Launch Its Own Internet TV Streaming Service
Hulu is already a well-established player in the online streaming market but if a new report is to be believed, the company wants to enter a market where most of its competitors haven’t set foot yet, even though that particular market has quite a few established players of its own. Hulu is reportedly looking into launching its very own standalone online TV streaming service that will be similar to the […]

Sony Is Taking PlayStation VR On A Cross-Country Road Trip
Sony has announced plans to take PlayStation VR on a cross-country road trip across the United States. It’s going to load a 16-wheeler with all sorts of PlayStation goodness and drive it to festivals and conventions in the United States to introduce people to the PlayStation brand as well as the company’s VR offering. Sony calls it the “Road to Greatness” tour and it will stop at a different city […]

Sony's PlayStation Vue Internet TV Service Goes Nationwide
Sony launched PlayStation Vue, its internet TV streaming service, about a year ago and since then the service hasn’t really been expanded at a pace that would suggest that Sony wants to dominate this space. It was only available in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami previously but the company is fixing that today. Sony has announced today that PlayStation Vue has gone live nationwide.


PlayStation Vue Prices Cut By $10
Competition in the online TV streaming arena is steadily increasing so the companies playing the field need to offer a robust service at a price that’s just right for people to take the plunge. Sony jumped into this market with PlayStation Vue, which unlike some of its competitors offers access to major networks as well, but that access comes at a price. If you’ve been looking to subscribe but always […]

PlayStation Vue Lands On Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick
In a rather interesting move Sony today announced that its online TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue, is launching on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick today, it even confirmed that support for Chromecast will also be added real soon. This will be great to increase the adoption of Sony’s internet TV streaming service which only recently inked a deal that brings a plethora of channels to the service.

PlayStation Vue Now Offers Content From ABC, Disney And ESPN
The TV industry is well aware by now that traditional cable TV subscriptions just won’t cut it anymore, countless people are giving up on those subscriptions for online services that don’t require any commitments and can be paid for on a month-to-month basis with no setup and equipment costs. That’s why we’ve seen many online TV streaming services pop up over the past year or so, PlayStation Vue is Sony’s […]

PlayStation Vue Gets A-La-Carte Channels As It Arrives In More Markets
It was expected that Sony would make some kind of announcement related to the PlayStation Vue TV streaming service during its E3 2015 press conference and surely the company had something to say about the service, which has so far only been available in a handful of markets. Sony confirmed that a-la-carte channel streaming is coming to the PlayStation Vue as the service launches in two more cities in the United States.

PlayStation Vue iPad App Arrives
The online TV streaming arena is getting pretty competitive as a host of companies try and break into this nascent market. A few months back Sony launched its online TV streaming service called PlayStation Vue though only in a select few cities in the United States. The company did say that it would provide an app for the iPad and it has followed through on that promise. The PlayStation Vue iPad […]

PlayStation Vue Won't Work On PlayStation TV
Yesterday Sony confirmed the launch of its internet TV streaming service called PlayStation Vue. The service is initially being made available in selected markets. In order to stream live TV through PlayStation Vue one must have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4. Sony has decided to keep PlayStation TV out of the fray as the little box won’t allow users to access Vue.

PlayStation Vue Launches Today
There was word just last week that the PlayStation Vue Internet TV streaming service will launch in a fortnight’s time, but for folks who happen to live in Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia, there is no need to wait any longer. After all, PlayStation Vue has been launched officially in those areas, on the current generation PS4 as well as on the older PS3. Just what is PlayStation Vue, exactly? It […]

Sony To Launch PlayStation Vue Internet TV Streaming Service In A Fortnight
This is shaping up to be a pretty good year for cord cutters who don’t want to pay for a conventional PayTV service but don’t have any qualms in subscribing to an internet TV streaming service. We know that Sony has been testing its service, PlayStation Vue, for a while now. A Sony executive has revealed in an interview that the PlayStation Vue internet TV streaming will be coming out […]

PlayStation Vue Release Slated For First Quarter Of 2015
Internet TV is destined to be the next big thing, so it seems, many companies are investing heavily into developing these services in a bid to capture the market that has stepped away from traditional pay-TV services. Just yesterday Dish announced Sling TV its very own internet TV service that will cost $20 per month and give access to networks like CNN, TBS, ESPN and more. We know about the Sony […]

PlayStation Vue Is Sony's Cloud Based TV Service
It wasn’t a secret that Sony is working on a cloud based TV service but today the company formally unveiled it. Sony did talk about it back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014. It is called PlayStation Vue and will be available across a variety of devices, offering many TV channels for streaming without requiring a traditional cable contract.