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Pokemon CEO Hints At Trading & Battling Feature For Pokemon GO
While legendary Pokemon might have arrived for Pokemon GO finally after about a year or so, there are still a couple of other highly-requested features that have yet to make its debut, namely in the form of being able to trade Pokemon with other players, as well as peer-to-peer battling, both of which are kind of the cornerstones of the Pokemon RPG.

Niantic Postpones Pokemon GO Events In Europe
Niantic’s Pokemon GO is a game unlike any we’ve seen so far, and given the popularity of the Pokemon franchise, it’s safe to say that Niantic certainly was not prepared for the onslaught of players when they first launched, and they also seemed to have underestimated the number of gamers that would show up at their first event in Chicago.

Gamers File Lawsuit Against Niantic Over Failed Pokemon GO Fest
Recently to celebrate Pokemon GO turning 1 year old and to celebrate the launch of legendary Pokemon, Niantic decided to hold a Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago that gathered players together to make the game more social. Unfortunately did not exactly go the way Niantic had hoped, to the point where the company had no choice but to refund gamers the tickets.

Niantic Offers Explanation For The Failed Chicago Pokemon GO Fest
Not too long ago, Niantic attempted to hold a Pokemon GO event in Chicago to celebrate the launch of legendary Pokemon coming to the game. Unfortunately for Niantic, things did not end well as there were many issues plaguing the event, such as network and connectivity problems which prevented gamers from enjoying the game properly.


Niantic Confirms More Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming To Pokemon GO
After a little over a year, Niantic finally added legendary Pokemon to Pokemon GO. Unfortunately the company’s plan to host a real-life event to celebrate the launch did not exactly go well, resulting in Niantic refunding the price of the tickets to gamers who attended, as well as giving them $100 in Poke Coins.

Niantic Refunding Gamers After Failed Pokemon GO Festival
As you might have heard, Niantic has finally introduced legendary Pokemon to Pokemon GO. This comes after a year of the game being in existence, and to celebrate the launch the company organized a massive event in Chicago to kick things off, but unfortunately it seems that things didn’t exactly go the way they imagined.

Niantic Confirms Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming To Pokemon GO
When the trailer for Pokemon GO was revealed, it showed off a lot of the game’s potential, such as being able to catch legendary Pokemon. However it seems that after a of the game being available, it looks like players won’t have to wait much longer as Niantic has confirmed that legendary Pokemon will be coming to the game soon.

Pokemon GO Ring Accessory Announced In Japan
Last year an official accessory for Pokemon GO was launched in the form of the Pokemon GO Plus. This is basically a tracker for your wrist that would alert you to Pokemon and other activities related to the game. The idea is that it will help you keep up to date with the game without your phone’s display being on all the time, thus saving you some battery.

Japanese Gamers Are Spending The Most In Pokemon GO
Microtransactions within games these days are an extremely popular method used by developers and publishers to make money. They can be found in games that are free, as well as games that are paid-for, and in some cases, these in-app purchases are almost necessary if you want to advance further.

Legendary Pokemon Coming To Pokemon GO According To Ad
One of the features that was promised to gamers at the launch of Pokemon GO was the ability to catch legendary Pokemon. It has been a little over a year but that feature has yet to make its debut, but soon it could be. This is according to a recent sighting on the iTunes App Store in India in which an ad for Pokemon GO hinted at legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Has Reportedly Made $1.2 Billion In Revenue
When Pokemon GO was first launched, it was launched to a lot of fanfare because not only was the game based the extremely popular Pokemon franchise, but it also leveraged the use of augmented reality technology and provided gamers with a new way of playing games. The hype was so much that it was predicted that the game could pull in $1 billion in a year.

Niantic Warns Pokemon GO Players Against Using Third-Party Services
Many Pokemon GO players don’t consider themselves to be cheaters when they use third-party apps and services to help better manage their Pokemon. This is because there are many who feel that Niantic’s current system isn’t particularly efficient, which is why they have turned to the use of third-party apps.

Pokemon GO To Get New Raid Battle Feature
When Pokemon GO was first shown off, it was hinted that the game could see raid-like battles where groups of players could gather together to defeat enemies. However since the launch of the game, it has been mostly a single-player experience save for players fighting it out at gyms and trying to take them over or defend them.

Pokemon Go Health Benefits Were Temporary
Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it came out last year. The game’s health benefits were touted as well since it got players up on their feet and rewarded them for venturing out to hunt for the little monsters. However, if a new study published in the British Medical Journal is believed, the health benefits of Pokemon Go were shortlived.

Pokemon GO Has Been Downloaded More Than 750 Million Times
There is no denying that Pokemon GO has had a huge impact on society today and also technology as it proved that augmented-reality based games do have a lot of potential. In a recent post on Niantic’s website, it seems that Pokemon GO has achieved something of a milestone by having been downloaded more than 750 million times.

Pokemon GO To Host Its First Real-World Event For Its First Anniversary
Niantic’s Pokemon GO has definitely changed the way that people play games on their mobile phones, thanks largely to the use of augmented reality. No doubt the popularity of the Pokemon franchise played a big role in helping gamers adopt the game and the technology, but like we said, it has definitely changed how we see AR technology and how it can be used.

Pokemon GO Cheaters Will Be Shadowbanned
Nobody likes cheaters and developers have been working on all sorts of ways to deal with them. The most obvious and probably the most effective way is to outright ban accounts that have been found to be cheating, but there exists other methods that could prove to be useful as well, such as the shadowban, which is what Niantic is doing to Pokemon GO cheaters.

Niantic Hints That Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming This Summer
When Pokemon GO was first shown off, it showed us what we could expect in terms of player battles, legendary Pokemon, and so on. However quite a lot of those features have yet to be launched despite Pokemon GO having been out for a while now. The good news is that the wait could soon be coming to an end.

Russian YouTuber Found Guilty For Playing Pokemon GO In Church
There’s a time and a place to play video games, and in general it is typically frowned upon to play games inside a place of worship. However while it is frowned upon, it isn’t necessarily illegal, or at least that’s the case for most parts in the world. Unfortunately over in Russia, it’s a different story.

Russian YouTuber Faces Jail Time For Playing Pokemon GO In Church
There’s a time and place for everything, like when to use your phone and when not to use it. Now using your phone while in a place of worship is usually frowned upon simply because it looks rude and it can be distracting for those who are there to pray or to listen to a sermon. However it seems that over in Russia, it could land you in jail.