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Polaroid Debuts WiFi-Enabled Cube+ Action Camera
Last year Polaroid, a company known for their instant-print cameras, debuted a tiny camera called the Cube. The idea was to compete against the likes of GoPro who pretty much dominates the action camera market at the moment. The Cube was nothing to shout about but if you were hoping for more features, Polaroid might have something new for you.The company has recently announced the Polaroid Cube+ which is basically […]

Oppo Not Happy With Polaroid's Selfie Smartphone
You guys might recall the Oppo N3. The handset was announced back in October of 2014 and it featured a unique camera design. Basically instead of a front and rear-facing camera, Oppo opted for a swiveling mechanism that allowed the camera to be used either in the front or at the back, pretty cool, huh?Well it looks like Polaroid has decided that it was a pretty cool idea and with […]

Polaroid L Series Tablets Look To Deliver Average Android Tablet Experience
[CES 2015] The name Polaroid itself would conjure up memories of instant photographs, and we are pleased to know that the company is still hanging around. Having said that, they have since made the shift to expanding their hardware offerings to the masses, and Android-powered tablets is not a market taboo to them. In fact, their L series tablet range has just been enhanced with a couple of new models, […]

Polaroid Zip Is An Instant Photo Printer For Mobile Devices
Today’s younger generation might not know about Polaroid cameras, chances are they might have seen some hipster toting it around the streets of New York, but that’s about it. Camera-equipped smartphones have blown all such products out of the water which means that Polaroid has had to adapt. If it can’t sell cameras that instantly print pictures it will try selling photo printers that instantly print whatever you have captured with a smartphone or […]


Polaroid's Socialmatic Camera Now Available For Pre-Order
A couple of years ago a concept camera called Socialmatic was revealed. It was based around the design of the Instagram icon and also featured instant-printing capabilities like you would have expected from a Polaroid. The device was then made a reality and the good news for those who wouldn’t mind picking one up for themselves, you will be pleased to learn that pre-orders have gone live.The camera’s pre-orders can […]

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Is Powered By Android
Ah, the name Polaroid itself does conjure up images (pardon the pun) of instant photos that used to be plenty of fun, and is finding its way back to being in vogue at cocktail parties as well as photo booths at weddings. Earlier this year at CES 2014, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera was announced, but there does not seem to have any kind of release date attached to it back […]

Polaroid Unveils PolaSma Handset For Teens
Polaroid might be a company that many people equate to cameras and not necessarily smartphones, but with smartphones these days starting to take better photos than your regular compact cameras, there is little need for Polaroid cameras, save for the novelty value of insta-printing your photos for keepsake.This is why it is understandable that Polaroid has decided to diversify its offerings and recently the company has announced a new smartphone […]

Polaroid Fotobar Delivers New Initiatives At This Year’s CES
[CES 2014] The Polaroid Fotobar is back at CES this year, where it will bring along with it a bunch of new initiatives which will definitely help endear itself to the end users, hopefully. Here is a little bit of background story – the Polaroid Fotobar opened up three different stores in Florida last year, at Delray Beach, Orlando and Miami. In the year 2014, it looks set to be […]

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Announced
[CES 2014] Polaroid is an old hand when it comes to all things photography, and this time around, the company has announced the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera which will be the latest addition to their popular range of instant digital cameras. What makes the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera so special in the first place? Well, for starters, this will be Polaroid’s very first Wi-Fi enabled camera that they have rolled out, and […]

Socialmatic Camera To Launch In Fall 2014
Remember the Socialmatic camera concept that was unveiled back in 2012? Well you might have heard that the camera would be made a reality by none other than Polaroid, and now thanks to an announcement made by the company, it has been revealed that the Socialmatic camera would be seeing a release in the fall of 2014. Full specifications of the camera along with its pricing and a more specific […]

Polaroid Expands U.S. Lineup With Three New Q Series Tablets
Polaroid has announced that at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas it is going to showcase its new Q series tablets. The series is comprised of the Q7, Q8 and the Q10 tablets, with 7, 8 and 10 inch displays, respectively. All three tablets are Wi-Fi enabled and tout “super-fast” quadcore processors. They also run the latest Android firmware, Android 4.4 KitKat, out of the box. President and […]

Polaroid Announces 50 Inch Smart TV And 50 Inch 4K UHD TV
Polaroid today announced a new lineup of superior quality televisions, both touting 50 inch screen sizes, one is a Roku Ready smart TV whereas the other is a 4K ultra high definition TV. Polaroid promises that these TVs will provide consumers with unparalleled picture quality as well as several state of the art new features, at an affordable price point as compared to other offerings in the market.The 50 inch […]

Nikon Wins Injunction Against The Polaroid iM1836
Earlier this year, Polaroid unveiled a mirrorless camera of its own in the form of the Polaroid iM1836 which was then released back in October. However it seems that Nikon did not take too kindly to the camera, and while it is understandable given that both companies are competing in the camera market, we can see why Nikon would be a bit peeved, especially since the Polaroid iM1836 resembled the […]

Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 Announced
When the name Polaroid is mention, there is a good chance that you are probably thinking about the company’s camera products, and not necessarily smartphones or tablets, right? Well the company has dabbled in Android in the past with their Android-powered cameras, like the Polaroid iM1836, but now it looks like the company will be diving into the tablet market for kids (again) as well with the recently announced, and […]