polaroid-camMention Polaroid and chances are the mental image of those instant cameras will come into your mind. After all, the company did come a long way since their humble beginnings, and despite looking as though they were about to fold, Polaroid has bounced back with a greater zeal to duke it out with the rest of the competition than ever before. You know that Polaroid is, to quote departing American Idol judge Randy Jackson, “in it to win it” even a couple of years back with the introduction of the Polaroid GL20 glasses (otherwise known as Lady Gaga glasses).

Well, here we are with something less ostentatious but a whole lot more practical – the Polaroid XS80. This unique digital camera will be of the rugged variety, where it does Full HD recording as well as supports lower resolutions such as 720p and even VGA quality, and is waterproof up to 30 feet – making it suitable for recording your snorkeling adventures. You can also capture stills in 16, 5 and 3-megapixel resolution and 120 degrees FOV. This is one barrel-bodied camera that boasts of a G sensor for auto rotation, in addition to anti-shake technology to make your recorded movies look a whole lot more professional than you really are. All videos and photos will be stashed away in a memory card (up to 32GB), and you will have to fork out $130 for this puppy.

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