With the riots in the UK still fresh in everyone’s minds, it seems that there has been some examination to the methods, tools and tactics employed by the police to handle riots of that scale. So much so that a new laser has been developed which the police are set to test that can temporarily blind people.

It was designed by a former Royal Marine Commando and was originally developed for use against pirates in Somalia. The police are supposedly set to give the laser, dubbed the SMU 100, a trial to see its effectiveness in handling rioters. Unlike tasers and CS gas that work well in short range, the SMU 100 is said to be effective up to 500m (1,640ft) by creating a 13ft wall of light.

It seems that what the laser does is temporarily blind whoever is in front of it and has been comparable to that of staring into the sun, which we can imagine isn’t a very fun thing to do. It would appear as though the blindness is only temporary but since no two people are alike, the scientists are carrying out further research on any potential side effects. The SMU 100 will cost 25,000 and will only be put into the field once the Home Secretary signs off on it.

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