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Over 5,000 People Have Signed A Petition To Stop Apple’s CSAM Scanning
Edward Snowden Slams Apple’s New iPhone Photo Scanning Feature
Apple Introduces A New Way Of Keeping Your Child Safe Online
Apple Confirms Plans To Scan Photos To Detect For Child Abuse
Apple Could Introduce Client-Side Photo Hashing To Detect Child Abuse Images
Amazon Will Pay You $10 For Your Palm Print
Facebook Reportedly Researching How To Analyze Your Encrypted WhatsApp Messages
WhatsApp Launches New Feature That Deletes Photos And Videos After They’ve Been Viewed
Twitter Now Lets You Sign In With Apple Or Google
Apple Will use Facial Recognition To Validate ID Cards Stored In Wallet App
Despite iOS Privacy Features, Facebook Just Reported Record Ad Revenue
Alleged Clubhouse Database Containing 3.8 Billion Phone Numbers Is On Sale On The Dark Web
DuckDuckGo Announces Their Own Take On Apple’s Hide My Email
WhatsApp Working On End-To-End Encrypted Backups
Amazon Wants To Track Your Sleep Using Radar
Disappearing Messages Arrive In Latest WhatsApp iOS Beta
Tencent Will Use Facial Recognition To Ensure Kids Don’t Play Past Curfew
Twitter Could Eventually Support Sign In With Apple
Audacity’s New Owner Will Make Changes To Its Privacy Policy
Audacity Has Been Accused Of Collecting Data On Its Users