Alphabet’s Balloons Will Deliver Internet In Rural Kenya

Google’s parent company Alphabet’s Project Loon technology aims to deliver internet connectivity in areas where there is none. The system involves the use of balloons to beam down high-speed internet access to connect more people to the internet. Kenya’s ICT minister has confirmed that the country will be using Alphabet’s Project Loon to connect more of its rural population to the internet.

T-Mobile Restores Connectivity In Puerto Rico With Project Loon

The FCC gave its approval to Alphabet’s Project Loon to deploy its LTE balloons in Puerto Rico. Google’s parent company then teamed up with AT&T to restore connectivity on the hurricane-ravaged island. T-Mobile is now joining forces with Project Loon in order to bring widespread connectivity back to Puerto Rico after the devastation is suffered at the hands of Hurricane Maria last month.

Google’s Project Loon Balloons Restore Connectivity In Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria caused remarkable damage in Puerto Rico. It has been a few weeks since the natural disaster hit and still much of the island is without power, water, and connectivity. The FCC recently permitted Google to deploy its Project Loon LTE balloons in Puerto Rico and it has now done that. The helium balloons have helped restore connectivity on the island.

Alphabet’s Project Loon LTE Balloons Approved For Deployment In Puerto Rico

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has received approval to deploy its Project Loon LTE balloons in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Project Loon was a former Google X Lab project which was developed to provide mobile data access to disaster zones and remote areas by using high-altitude weather balloons. The project is now under the domain of Alphabet.


Google Wants To Bring Its Internet Balloons To India

Google has been working on a very interesting concept for the past couple of years to bring internet connectivity to the most remote regions on this planet. Project Loon has come a very long way since Google first talked about it and now the company is looking to expand it further to actually provide internet service to real people. India has many remote regions where internet connectivity isn’t available which […]

Google’s Project Loon Enters Carrier Testing This Year

Google works on multiple ambitious projects and Project Loon is one of them. The company aims to bring the internet to the remote regions of the world through Loon which utilizes high-flying balloons that travel the world. The balloons have gone through a rough development phase and it has now been confirmed that they will enter carrier testing later this year.

Project Loon To Take Off In Indonesia In 2016

Google, the Internet search giant that certainly has its fingers entrenched in a number of different projects, including bringing connectivity (Internet and the ilk) to those who live outside of cities, and who live in the interiors, looks set to kick off their Project Loon balloons in Indonesia some time next year. Of course, Project Loon is definitely not new at all when you think about it, but Indonesia would […]

Google Envisions Project Loon Circling The Earth In 2016

For those unfamiliar with Google’s more “out there” endeavors, Project Loon is one of them. Basically the idea is to float balloons and beam down internet to places where internet is not as readily available, thus bringing internet to pretty much all parts of the world. Last we checked, Project Loon had managed to cover the whole of Sri Lanka.That in itself is pretty impressive but come 2016, Google has […]

Project Loon Now Covers The Whole Of Sri Lanka

Internet giant Google has had its fair share of experiments in the past, and while it was not expected for every single one of them to become a huge success (take Google+ for instance – it has recently been decoupled from YouTube), some of them have been zany enough to take off. In the case of Google’s Project Loon, we are talking about a literal taking off, as Project Loon […]

Google Wants To Make Cities Smarter With Sidewalk Labs 

Google is planning to invest big on improving the way cities function and is aiming to enhance cities with latest technologies. The company announced that it has come up with a new company, known as Sidewalk Labs, which will be purely focusing on the development of innovative technologies that will in turn make the cities smarter.

One Balloon From Project Loon Could Cover The Area Of Rhode Island

One of the goals of Google’s Project Loon is to help bring internet and communications to the masses in places where such infrastructures have yet to be setup. Also given that Project Loon will rely on balloons floating in the sky as opposed to using regular cell towers, we can only imagine that it should be able to cover a wider area, but how wide?According to Google who spoke to […]

Google Partners With French Space Agency To Help Advance Project Loon

Google, a company known for its products such as search, email, and Android, has also branched out into more experimental endeavors, such as Project Loon whose goal is to provide internet to the world and parts of the world where it might be hard for telecommunications companies to install cable lines and whatnot, or places where the population might not be enough to warrant the investment.Well it looks like Google […]

Google’s Project Loon Mistaken For Crashing Plane In New Zealand

In what seems like an altruistic move, Google announced Project Loon back in 2013 which basically saw Google deploy balloons whose goal was to bring internet to as many places as possible. One of the places Google was testing Project Loon was in New Zealand, but unfortunately it looks like one of Google’s balloons caused unnecessary panic when it was mistaken for a crashing plane.The balloons were being trialed in […]

Project Loon Runs Into Power Lines

Remember Google’s ambitious Project Loon that intends to bring Internet connectivity to the masses, especially for folks who happen to live in rural areas? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to hear that testing is currently being carried out, although it might have run into its fair share of snags. Project Loon’s balloons did run into some issues over Washington State recently, where the […]