project-loon-testGoogle, a company known for its products such as search, email, and Android, has also branched out into more experimental endeavors, such as Project Loon whose goal is to provide internet to the world and parts of the world where it might be hard for telecommunications companies to install cable lines and whatnot, or places where the population might not be enough to warrant the investment.

Well it looks like Google could be getting a helping hand from French space agency CNES as both groups have recently announced a partnership in which it will see them pool resources and research. Ultimately this should help with Google’s work to help bring high-speed internet to more places with its fleet of balloons.

CNES is also said to have one of the largest stratospheric balloon programs in the world, second only to NASA, which means that they have a fair amount of experience, knowledge, and the technology to help Google expand Project Loon’s reach and viability. The agency has worked on these stratospheric balloons for over 50 years.

While the specifics of the partnership have yet to be disclosed (if it ever will), CNES is also expected to benefit from it as well. Google will be assisting the agency with their plans to analyze the ozone hole above Antarctica with their balloons.

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