project-loon-circleSo much for traveling around the world in 80 days – Google’s Project Loon, the Internet balloon that could, actually managed to make its way around the world in less than a month. Here is a quick refresher on what Project Loon is all about – apparently this is an effort to ensure that remote areas will be able to enjoy Internet connectivity, and in the course of doing so, Project Loon managed to circle the world in a matter of 22 days, now how about that?

22 days is really impressive, especially when we hear that estimates from the team have placed a more realistic time of 33 days thereabouts in order to complete the trek. Perhaps there was some sort of divine wind that actually helped Google achieve this at a faster than expected rate? So far, it seems that Project Loon will supposedly able to deliver 10Mpbs Internet connectivity to users, but I guess that before one living in the middle of the rainforest or out in the desert steppes would think of checking their Facebook account before being more occupied with, you know, surviving.

In this noble quest, do you think that Google will offer true blue global Internet availability to the impoverished and remote masses before Facebook with their Connectivity Lab, or will it be the other way around?

Connectivity Lab From Facebook To Bring Internet To The Outskirts

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