Articles about ps4 pro (page 2)

Some Games Found To Have Performance Issues With The PS4 Pro
Sony Holding PS4 Pro Launch Party In New York
More Than 30 Games Will Be Fully Optimized For PS4 Pro At Launch
Titanfall 2 Will Look (Unsurprisingly) Better On The PS4 Pro
Killing Floor 2 PS4 Pro 4K Gameplay Video Released
God Of War Was Designed For The Standard PS4
Microsoft Surprised By Sony PS4 Pro’s Lack Of 4K Blu-ray Drive
Sony PS4 Pro Production Has Reportedly Begun
The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro Upgrade Ruled Out
Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 Pro VS PC Graphics Comparison
Resident Evil 7 Will Support The PS4 Pro With 4K & HDR Graphics
Sony Makes Transferring Data Between PS4s Really Easy
Sony Will Not Be Charging Gamers For PS4 Pro Update Patches
Sony Says We Can Expect More PlayStations In The Future
Sony Thinks The PS4 Pro Will Prevent Gamers From Switching To PC
The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Pro 4K Announcement Trailer Released
Sony PS4 Pro Was Conceived When The PS4 Was First Launched
All PS4s Get HDR Support Via Update Soon
Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Run At 30fps On PS4, PS4 Pro
Sony Officially Announces The PS4 Pro