Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 Pro a couple of weeks ago. This is a more powerful version of the console that it released back in 2013, it has the ability to power 4K gaming. If you’ve been curious about how games look like in 4K on the PS4 Pro then you’re going to like seeing this B-roll footage of Killing Floor 2’s 4K gameplay on Sony’s new console. The footage has been released by Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire itself.


It gives us a proper look at the game running on Sony’s upcoming console. Some screenshots have been released with this footage as well aside from a few technical details about Killing Floor 2.

Tripwire has confirmed that Killing Floor 2 is going to run at a resolution of 3,200×1,800 on the PS4 Pro. It will make use of checkerboard rendering to output 4K resolution on compatible TVs. A supersampled experience will be offered to those who have an HDR-compatible TV, they will also get a higher frame-rate target.

You will obviously need a 4K monitor and a machine capable of playing video in such high resolution to truly get an idea of what Tripwire wants you to experience. Killing Floor 2 is going to be released for PS4 and PC on November 18th, merely a few days after PlayStation 4 Pro is released.

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