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Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Being Pulled From PSN, XBLA
Capcom has been very well known for their fighting games over recent years as they continue to work on its popular fighting franchises, such as Street Fighter 4. One of its other popular fighting game series, Marvel vs. Capcom, had a new title released just a few years back, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with digital versions released on their respective marketplaces. But […]

PSN Suspends Redemption Of Vouchers
If you are a gamer who intends to redeem your vouchers on the PlayStation Network (PSN), but somehow or rather still continue to run into issues that prevent you from doing so, that is because your account has experienced a suspension. The thing is, you do not need to freak out at all, since the redemption of vouchers has been suspended. This particular bit of news was announced over on […]

Sony To Switch Off Certain PSN Features Ahead Of PS4 Launch In Europe
Gamers in Europe will finally get their hands on the new Sony gaming console tomorrow, November 29th. Sony initially launched the PlayStation 4 in North America on November 15th and sold over one million units on launch day. The company expects similar record sales on the launch day in Europe as well, with Amazon UK already revealing that the PS4 is going to outsell the Xbox One based on its […]

Some North American PSN Passwords Reset After ‘Irregular Activity’ Detected
The launch of the PlayStation 4 didn’t go without a few bumps and bruises along the way as the day the console launched, PlayStation Network suffered from a number of issues that didn’t allow many owners of the new console to connect to upgrade the device. Today, it looks like the PlayStation Network has been going through some issues in North America as Sony has sent out messages to reset […]


PSN Scheduled Maintenance Occurring For Seven Hours Today
PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners by now should know all too well Sony’s regularly scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance as it seems like the company announces their network will go down for a few hours at least one day per month. It looks like today is one of those days as Sony is scheduling to bring down their PlayStation Network for maintenance for the majority of the day.

PlayStation Network Maintenance Scheduled For September 25
If you use the PlayStation Network in order to play Final Fantasy XIV, Call of Duty: Black Ops II or possibly sit back and watch some Netflix, then you’re going to be extremely bummed to hear Sony is planning another maintenance for its online service in the near future. How near future? How about September 25. Yep – tomorrow.

Star Wars Pinball Launches As Standalone Title On PSN Next Week
Hmmm, avid gamers who are well versed with game releases on the PlayStation Network (PSN) would be able to tell you that Star Wars Pinball has already launched there, and to hear that it is launching again might not make too much sense. Well, the thing is, Star Wars Pinball is launching again over on PSN, albeit as a standalone title this time around. Originally, the first Star Wars Pinball […]

Ubisoft Announces Flashback Remake For XBLA, PSN
Ubisoft isn’t a stranger to bringing classic video games series to the modern as they have taken franchises like Prince of Persia to new heights, even remaking the classic game for a number of platforms. It looks like they’re aiming their sights at another classic game to receive a remake, Delphine Software’s Flashback.Ubisoft’s remake of Flashback is currently in development by VectroCell to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade […]

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Releasing On PSN On April 24
As a regular anime watcher, you don’t know how upsetting it is to know shows that I thoroughly enjoyed have video games that are either based on the show or continue its story only available in Japan. I could import them, but seeing how I can’t read a lick of Japanese, it could be rather difficult to do so. That’s why when I heard not only would the U.S. be […]

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories Headed To PSN Next Week
Rockstar Games has been steadily re-releasing its Grand Theft Auto games on the PlayStation Network as we’ve seen releases for Grand Theft Auto 3 , Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The only other Grand Theft Auto games that have yet to be released onto the PSN are its Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, and those are the two exact games that are being planned for […]

DuckTales Remastered Coming To XBLA, PSN, Wii U This Summer
Capcom has been delighting its faithful legion of old-school gaming fans with remastered versions of some of its most popular classic games. We’ve seen its Street Fighter series, Bionic Commando and some other classic titles remastered, but this weekend, they announced one of their most iconic adventures will be remastered for the current generation of gamers to enjoy.Capcom’s DuckTales Remastered is being developed by Double Dragon Neon’s WayForward to deliver […]

PSN Under Scheduled Maintenance All Day
We know playing online multiplayer or being able to shop on your favorite video game console’s marketplace is something we all like to do on a regular basis, but there comes a time in every game console’s life where it just needs to unwind and have some time to itself in order to get itself ready for days, weeks and months of regular service.Today, Sony’s PSN will be taken down […]

EA Delivering Single Identity Platform To Track Gamers Across Multiple Networks
EA has completed an engineering project which will allow it to recognize a user across multiple services and logins, making it possible to switch platforms at any time, receive messages from EA on whatever device they’re currently using and even make it possible to partake in cross-platform multiplayer.EA’s Origin has already delivered some cross-platform content as users are able to interact with friends on other gaming platforms through a number […]

Sony's PSN Promotion Gives You $10 For Every $50 Spent This Month
Sony announced it would be adding three bonus months to PlayStation Plus subscribers who purchase one year of membership, and today, they’re announcing another killer offer, that is, if you’re the kind of person to do a lot of your video game shopping on the PlayStation Network.Starting today through April 1, Sony is offering $10 back to for every $50 spent using your Sony Entertainment Network Wallet. The offer is […]

PS4 May Offer Multiple PlayStation Network Subscription Levels
Ever since Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4 last week, additional information has been trickling in that wasn’t possible to cover during the two-hour event. Since then, we’ve learned the PlayStation 4 will play used games, won’t support PlayStation 3 controllers and will still use Blu-ray as the primary media format. Today, we’re hearing the PlayStation 4 may introduce multiple subscription levels for its PlayStation Network service.Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida spoke with […]

Sony Sending Out $10 PSN Credit To 'Loyal' Customers
With all of the attention Sony is receiving today for its upcoming press event where the world expects them to unveil the PlayStation 4, the company must be on cloud nine. It looks as though they’re apparently feeling very generous too as they have been sending messages to PSN “loyal customers” that include an attachment of a $10 voucher to be used for PlayStation Network purchases.The letter sent out to […]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Hits PSN
As promised, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has arrived over at the PlayStation Store as a download, where it will cost you $9.99 which will fall under the PS2 Classics collection. I am quite sure that those who will download it, the majority of them would have completed the game in the past on their PS2, and would want to take a romp down memory lane. In fact, the folks […]

PlayStation Network Online Store Now Available In U.S.
Sony announced it would start accepting PayPal as a form of payment for its Sony Entertainment Network, or PSN for those of you who, like us, have yet to adopt the name change. The only downside we saw was the inability to add or edit your PayPal information directly through your PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, instead, users would have to go online to edit their PayPal information through the […]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To PSN Next Week
Seeing how Grand Theft Auto III made its way to iOS, Android and then became available on the PlayStation Network, we are, in no way, surprised to see Grand Theft Auto: Vice City make the same trip. In fact, we absolutely expected it, and we’re happy we weren’t proven wrong because if there’s one thing that gets our blood pressure to rise, it’s being wrong. That, and the YOLO acronym.Rockstar Games […]

PlayStation Now Supports PayPal In North America
PayPal is becoming more widely accepted lately as you can purchase many goods using your PayPal account, including Starbucks coffee. You can even purchase digital goods from your Xbox 360 as they’ve been accepting PayPal for months now, and it looks like PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners will finally be able to use the service to purchase their digital goods now.The process isn’t as easy as it is on the […]