EA has completed an engineering project which will allow it to recognize a user across multiple services and logins, making it possible to switch platforms at any time, receive messages from EA on whatever device they’re currently using and even make it possible to partake in cross-platform multiplayer.

EA’s Origin has already delivered some cross-platform content as users are able to interact with friends on other gaming platforms through a number of ways, such as having their friends’ high scores visible in a game across all platforms it’s available on.

The purpose of this project isn’t only for the benefit of EA as the new technology will also allow the company to track users to gather information in ways they couldn’t before. The info EA compiles of a user can then be used to provide more targeted advertisements like game recommendations based on what the user purchased on other platforms.

EA gave no word as to when this new technology would start to roll out to its products. Considering how the PlayStation 4 will be able to download content it feels its players would be interested in based on past experiences, we’re guessing it would be in time for next-generation consoles to take advantage of it.

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