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Nokia poll shows QWERTY smartphones are popular outside the US
Nokia Conversations, the official blog of Nokia, recently ran a poll asking Nokia fans around the world about their favorite input method on a mobile phone. The survey included four options – number keypad, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, and voice commands. Interestingly, the results revealed that a huge 48.64 percent still prefer the old QWERTY keyboard. Those who opted for touchscreens followed in with 34.69 percent, and a small number of […]

Motorola and Sprint has mystery QWERTY Android phone
When it comes to Android-powered smartphones with a portrait QWERTY keyboard layout, both Motorola and Sprint already have a model in the market – the Motorola XPRT. Perhaps that was an attempt to lure over BlackBerry die hards to a different platform, who knows? What we do know is, there is yet another handset from the duo that sports the same form factor which you can see in the photo […]

Nokia rumored to be releasing a slide-out QWERTY Windows Phone 7 device this year
We’ve all heard news about Nokia releasing Windows Phone 7 devices in Europe before the rest of the world yesterday, but we still have no idea what the phones will be. Eldar Murtazin previously leaked out information about the phones being the W7 – an N8-looking device that’s running WP7 and has a 12-megapixel camera instead. One of the other phones mentioned will be a QWERTY-keyboard-toting phone.Well, the folks over […]

Samsung QWERTY TV-remote now available in Korea
Remember the Samsung QWERTY TV-remote that was announced about 2 weeks ago? The complicated looking remote with way more buttons than you can shake a stick at? Well, it was slated to arrive in the US next month, but it looks like the folks over in Korea have got it first (no surprise since Samsung is from Korea after all). This means that it should be right on schedule to […]


Samsung announces new QWERTY TV-remote
Now we all know how annoying it is to enter text into a TV with a regular remote. Thankfully recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of manufacturers release smartphone apps for users to control TVs with their phones. But not everybody has a smartphone in this day and age, and probably don’t see a need for one. Samsung has just released a new TV-remote that could make life easier for […]

Nokia X2-01 Launched With QWERTY Keyboard
If you’re looking for a budget-oriented QWERTY-toting Nokia phone, you’ll be happy to hear that Nokia has launched the X2-01, a device that offers a 2.4-inch QVGA 320 x 240 pixel display and QWERTY keyboard. The X2-01 keeps up with the times by including a 1-click access to social networking or music directly from the home screen. The X2-01 is slated to be available before the end of the year […]

Motorola Spice Android QWERTY Portrait Slider Phone Announced
Motorola has been really busy unveiling its Android-powered phones today and next up is the Motorola Spice, which is a portrait QWERTY slider phone with a BACKTRACK touchpad at the back of the phone, allowing you to easily navigate websites without having to obstruct your view of the webpage. The Motorola Spice will be available in Q4 of 2010, though pricing wasn’t mentioned just yet. If you’ve been looking for […]

Verizon HTC Android QWERTY Phone Pictured
Verizon subscribers might be jumping for joy at this, as pictures of an Android-powered HTC device that looks destined for Verizon have surfaced. Unlike usual leaked pictures, these leaked pictures are surprisingly clear, and gives us a good look at the physical QWERTY keyboard present on the phone, which looks similar to the T-Mobile G2. The device bears the model name ADR6325 and features specifications such as:

Concept: Physical QWERTY Keyboard For The iPhone 4
While the iPhone is an incredibly popular cell phone, you can bet that there are some folks out there who aren’t fond of using a virtual keyboard to type out their messages. With no hint of an iPhone with a physical keyboard anytime soon, a designer has dreamt up an iPhone protector that sports a QWERTY keyboard that can slide over the virtual keyboard of the iPhone. Once docked, the […]

More BlackBerry Pearl 9105 T9 Keyboard Pictures
You’ve probably already heard the rumor that the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9105 will be using a T9 keyboard instead of a full QWERTY keyboard. Now another picture of the device seems to have appeared, and it’s a live picture too. It seems that the phone isn’t even using a SureType keyboard, which was common on earlier BlackBerry Pearl devices. Are you a die-hard QWERTY keyboard fan, or are you happy […]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini And X10 Mini Pro Go Official
Updated article with photos of the devices – original article 02/14/2010 – photo above Xperia X10 Mini[MWC 2010] Looks like the previous leaks that we brought to you on the miniaturized XPERIA X10 with its multicolored options were true. Sony Ericsson has just announced the XPERIA X10 Mini and the XPERIA X10 Mini Pro at MWC today. Both phones have identical specifications, though the X10 Mini Pro is slightly thicker, due […]

Sony Ericsson Announces Vivaz Pro at MWC
There were certainly whispers about this phone before this, but it’s now officially on the record as the Vivaz Pro. In terms of features, it’ll sport the same features as the original Vivaz, but you’ll be given a nice QWERTY keyboard via a slide-out design. Despite the addition of the keyboard, the dimensions have only increased marginally to 109x52x15mm and the device weighs in at 117 grams. If you need […]

RIM touchscreen QWERTY hybrid
Word has it that RIM is working on a new BlackBerry that will boast not only a touchscreen display, but a slide out QWERTY keyboard as well, aiming to give you the best of both worlds. This is great news, as it offers the flexibility and ease of use of a touchscreen, while a QWERTY keyboard makes it a snap to compose emails and text messages in a jiffy for […]

QWERTY Pants: For non-QWERTY devices?
Yeah touch is all the rage, but admit it: the typing is slow and inaccurate. Would this DYI keyboard come in handy? To use both hands, you would need to put your phone/MID on something or have a buddy hold it for you. Also, did we mention that this USB keyboard’s right side wasn’t working yet because it’s not connected to the left side, which is itself connected via USB […]