Kobo logoDue to recent changes in the Apple App Store rules, many eBook retailers have removed in-app purchasing abilities from their apps so that they don’t have to give a portion of their revenue (30%) earned to the fruity company. Latest one to join the ranks of those apps was Google Books yesterday. However, some companies have found a way to get around Apple’s restrictions by offering in-app purchases through web apps.

Since web apps aren’t sold by the Apple Store, they don’t have to follow the same rules. Money earned from in-app purchases won’t have to be split with Apple. The first one to take advantage of this situation is The Financial Times that launched a web app version of its publication last month. Now, following in The Financial Times’ footsteps is Kobo.

The company has just announced that it is developing a web app to bring back the in-app purchasing experience to users of its eBook service. The app will be developed using HTML5, and doesn’t intend to replace the existing app, but for users who want the convenience of in-app purchasing, the web app should suffice. However, a web app for Kobo also means that the service will be accessible from any mobile device in the future, since it will be browser based. Stay tuned for more details on the Kobo web app.

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