GTA Online: Bikers Update Available Now

Rockstar confirmed the next major Grand Theft Auto Online update a couple of weeks ago. The GTA Online: Bikers update allows players to create and lead their own Motorcycle Club which can host up to 8 people. This update adds an entirely different gameplay experience to GTA Online and those who have been waiting for it to arrive ever since it was officially announced will be happy to know that […]

GTA Online: Bikers Update Release Date Confirmed

About a week ago, Rockstar confirmed that it’s working on a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online. The GTA Online: Bikers update will enable players to form and lead their very own Motorcycle Club for up to 8 players. This new update is going to add a completely different gameplay experience to GTA Online and many players have anxiously been waiting for it to arrive. They will appreciate the […]

Upcoming GTA Online Update Will Let You Form Your Own Biker Gang

Regardless of what they stand for and what some of them do, we’re sure that most of us can appreciate the camaraderie that is displayed by biker gangs. Riding down the highway as a group, going cross country together, hanging out all day, sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? However if you don’t own a bike or don’t think you’d be accepted, not to worry.

Red Dead Redemption Sequel Rumors Turn Out To Be Fake

There are many games whose sequels are currently highly-anticipated. Valve’s Half-Life 3 is one of them, and so is the sequel for Red Dead Redemption from the folks at Rockstar. However things got a little heated recently when a poster started circulating the web hinting at a sequel called Red Dead Retribution.


Judge Rules In Rockstar’s Favor Over Lindsay Lohan GTA Lawsuit

A couple of years ago, Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against Rockstar over the Grand Theft Auto V game. The actress/singer claimed that the developers used her likeness without her permission. The complaint at that time read, “Lohan argues that defendants purposefully used Lohan’s bikini, shoulder-length blonde hair, jewelry, cell phone, and ‘signature peace sign’ pose’ in one image.”

GTA Online Gets New ‘Entourage’ Mode

A new update is out today for the online component of the popular Grand Theft Auto 5 game. It improves a feature that was added to GTA Online recently and also adds a new mode called “Entourage.” In this mode players are tasked with having to transport a high value target across the city to an extraction location. Naturally, the team on the opposite side is tasked with killing the […]

GTA Online Gets New Stunt Races

GTA Online players are quite imaginative when it comes to playing out stunts in the game so Rockstar thought it would be a good idea to give them crazy stunt races to play. It has released a free update called Cunning Stunts which brings 16 new stunt races to the game. This update is going to change the racing style that players are currently accustomed to.

Biggest GTA Online Expansion Available Now

There’s good news for GTA Online fans. You might have heard by now that Rockstar has been readying the biggest content expansion ever for the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5, and you will be delighted to hear that this DLC titled Further Adventures In Finance And Felony has now been released. It’s available to players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC right away. The DLC enables players […]

GTA Online’s Biggest Expansion Ever Gets New Trailer

Rockstar confirmed last week that it’s going to release the biggest content update ever for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5. It has been regularly releasing new content DLCs for this game over the past year and this is the biggest it has released so far. The official trailer for this expansion titled Further Adventures in Finance and Felony has been released today.

GTA Online Won’t Be Around Forever

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great game. It has made Rockstar a lot of money and the game’s multiplayer component GTA Online is in a class of its own. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two regularly cites GTA Online as its top performer in quarterly earnings reports and it’s believed to have earned the company as much as $500 million from microtransactions. However, as they say, all good things must come […]

Major GTA Online Expansion Confirmed For Next Month

If you’ve been feeling that it’s about time that GTA Online received some new content then you need not wait any longer. Rockstar has confirmed that it’s going to release a new Grand Theft Auto Online expansion in the coming month, it has also pointed out this is going to be one of the biggest expansions ever release for GTA Online. The expansion will continue a player’s mission to become […]

Alleged Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Leaked

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 and given its success, it means that its sequel is a long time coming. In fact in 2014, we heard word that there could be a Red Dead Redemption 2 released in the same year, but obviously that did not pan out, but could 2016 be the year of Red Dead Redemption 2?

GTA Online Gets New ‘Inch By Inch’ Mode Next Week

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of GTA Online’s PC launch Rockstar has announced that it’s going to release a new adversary mode called “Inch By Inch” for Grand Theft Auto Online. The mode will see players competing for possession of a package and making their way through a hail of bullets to reach their team’s end zone. The action resets immediately after each score which ensures a frenetic and desperate […]

Rockstar Thought About Making Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo

A new report claims that Rockstar has started developing Grand Theft Auto 6. Preliminary work on the new title has reportedly started but the report doesn’t mention where the new game is going to be based. Rockstar may only be laying the foundations of its next Grand Theft Auto game as it has been more than two years since GTA 5 was released, so even if work has begun, it […]