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Samsung Pay Won’t Work If Your Device Is Rooted
As you might have heard, Samsung launched Samsung Pay earlier this year, basically the company’s answer to Apple Pay, Android Pay, and the other mobile payment services around. While we have no idea how well the service will do in the face of the competition, it has recently been found out that if you do plan on using it, you might not want to root your handset.As it turns out, […]

LG G4 AT&T/Verizon Root Has A $2,000 Bounty
Just like jailbreaking iOS devices, rooting Android devices sometimes it isn’t always possible right away and depending on the phone, it could take developers a while to figure it out. Now interestingly enough, it looks like the LG G4 on AT&T and Verizon is especially hard to root with developers not having luck even until now.In fact they are so frustrated that it seems that owners of the handset have […]

How to Root Any Nexus Device
If you own a Nexus device then you know how great the “Vanilla” (or “pure”) Android OS is. However, that doesn’t mean that Nexus devices are not lacking any functions. There are many features that you might not find on a Nexus device but the best thing about Android platform is the fact that you can add anything to your device after it has been rooted.Root permission grants you access […]

Nexus 6 Has A Hidden Notification LED, Will Need Root Access
There are many Android handsets out there that comes with a built-in LED notification light to inform its user that there are notifications to tend to. Users can customize these LED lights to display different colors to correspond to different notifications, like one color to depict calls, another color for messages, social media, and so on.In fact the Nexus 5 had such an LED notification, but what about the Nexus […]


Root Nexus 9 Using Chanfire's Method
If you have already got your hands on the new tablet from HTC and you’re now itching to tinker with it, rest assured, as Chainfire has released a method to root Nexus 9. The Nexus 9 tablet was unveiled only a couple of weeks back and it comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop straight out of the box. There had been some speculation that the new software would make it harder […]

Moto G Found To Have Hidden Camera Settings
The Moto G despite its budgetary nature has proven itself to be a pretty popular smartphone. Now if you were a little disappointed by the Moto G’s cameras and were hoping that it could be better, you might be interested to learn that the phone has some hidden camera settings that one could gain access to.This is thanks to a discovery by XDA forum member GodOfPsycho who posted a tutorial […]

Android "L" Material Design Keyboard Arrives On Non-Rooted Devices
One of the cool features of Android “L” is the keyboard which Google has decided to give a makeover with its Material Design language. It looks different from before and in some ways it might even be better. Now Android “L” has yet to be officially released and unless you’re a developer, chances are you will only be able to get your hands on the update later in the year.That […]

Sony Xperia Z2 Rooted Ahead Of Its Release
If you’re planning on getting your hands on the brand new Sony Xperia Z2 when it is released (it has been reportedly delayed), you might be interested to learn that the handset has been rooted and has even received ClockworkMod-based Recovery even before the handset has been officially released!The root is courtesy of XDA’s DooMLorD who has in the past been pretty instrumental when it comes to various mods and […]

CyanogenMod Nightlies Adds Business/People Search In Dialer App
One of the interesting and handy features of Android 4.4 KitKat is the ability to search for people or businesses in the dialer app. For example if you wanted to call a particular restaurant to make a booking but you don’t have their number, you could try searching for it in the dialer app as opposed to having to fire up your browser and perform a search.This could potentially cut […]

Nokia X Rooted, Google Apps Installed
When Nokia first unveiled the Nokia X and its forked version of Android, we were immediately reminded of Amazon. Not because they shared similar traits or design, but the fact that it would be possible to flash a custom ROM onto it, root, and basically take away the forked version of Android and eventually replace it with something more familiar.That being said, it seems that whatever we mentioned above is […]

Future CyanogenMod ROMs Will Include Screen Recording Feature
While Android OEMs try to introduce new features and whatnot with their own modified versions of Android, for the most part they end up pretty laggy and are usually features that most users would be happy to do away with, hence the demand for custom ROMs like CyanogenMod that bring features to Android smartphones that the creators feel are more useful for Android users. In any case if you’re the […]

CyanogenMod To Get Community And Pro Editions
For the novice Android user, the idea of rooting your phone and flashing ROMs can be a scary thing, especially since there are horror stories of how brand new devices end up being plastic bricks because of a wrong move. The good news is that popular Android ROM, CyanogenMod, will be making life easier for the beginner user, but at the same time have something for more advanced users thanks […]

Verizon Galaxy S4 Rooted Soon After Release
It hasn't been long since Verizon has started shipping Galaxy S4 to its customers and already instructions for rooting it have made their way online.

Chainfire Releases New SuperSU And CF-Auto-Root Tool For Galaxy S4
New CF-Auto-Root and SuperSU tools have been released for i9505 variant of Galaxy S4, which is the one sold by AT&T and T-Mobile.