Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Samsung Schedules Event For June 2 In New York
There have been rumors that Samsung could be planning an earlier-than-expected launch of the Galaxy Note 6 (or Note 7 if the rumors are to be believed). There have also been a plethora of leaks regarding Samsung’s upcoming wearable in the Gear Fit 2, so the question is when can we expect to hear the official word?

Samsung Smart TV Interface Set To Include More Ads?
Word on the street – or rather, as claimed by The Wall Street Journal, it does seem as though the Samsung Smart TV Interface is all set to be on the receiving end of additional tile ads. Does this mean that the South Korean conglomerate is moving more in the direction of being just a hardware company where consumer electronics are concerned?

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Full Specifications Leaked
It was just a few days ago that we brought you word on how the Samsung Gear Fit 2’s features as well as design have been confirmed in a leaked manual. Well, having said that, what else can we learn about this upcoming device? A whole lot more, apparently. It looks like the full hardware specifications for Samsung’s dedicated activity tracker has been revealed, with far better specifications compared to […]

Galaxy Note 7 Edge Model Hinted At By Import Listing
Samsung’s done with its first flagship launch of the year and in a couple of months, it’s going to launch its second flagship. The Galaxy Note 6 is due to arrive this August and it’s likely that this time around the company might also launch an “Edge” model of this flagship. Recent rumors suggest that Samsung might actually call its next flagship the Galaxy Note 7 instead of the Galaxy […]


Samsung Patent Hints At Galaxy X’s Design
We have been hearing for years that Samsung has plans to bring a phone with a foldable display to the market, but so far nothing has materialized. However a more recent rumor has suggested that the phone will be called the Galaxy X and that it could debut as soon as next year, but what exactly will it look it?

Samsung Hopes Pizza Will Sway Android Users
Assuming you happen to be in possession of a smartphone from Samsung, and have yet to make the move to install the most recent security update. What are you to do, then? Well, Samsung has a bright idea – by tempting you with free pizza. For instance, a Reddit user claimed to have received a digital coupon for a 20% discount off Domino’s Pizza on his Samsung Galaxy J7 in […]

Galaxy S7 Gains Putin Advantage
To have your country’s leader emblazoned across the back of your smartphone is definitely an idea, don’t you think so? When it comes to Vladimir Putin, this is one no-nonsense world leader who has seen his face grace the back of the iPhone 5s before, where it was then known as the Caviar iPhone 5s Supremo Putin. This time around, we have the flagship model from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 […]

T-Mobile Launches BOGO Promotion For Samsung Smartphones
Customers who are in the market for a new Samsung smartphone might want to check out T-Mobile’s latest promotion. Magenta has launched a new Buy One, Get One promotion for all Samsung smartphones, meaning buy any one Galaxy smartphone and get the other from T-Mobile for free. Customers have to purchase the first Galaxy on the carrier’s equipment installment plan and they will then have the cost of the second […]

Samsung Shows Of 4K 5.5-inch Display Designed For VR
In the past it has been argued about the need for our phones to sport such high-resolution displays. After all at a certain point, our eyes are unable to tell the difference. For example could you really tell the difference between a QHD and a 4K smartphone display? We suppose if you were up close and personal, maybe you could tell the difference.

Samsung Pay Mini Set For iOS And Android Launch In June
Samsung Pay, which has made significant inroads into a variety and range of countries – the world’s most populous country included, seems to have built up enough momentum to introduce Samsung Pay Mini. Word on the street has it that Samsung Pay Mini will in all probability arrive on the iOS and Android platforms this coming June, with the main focus of Samsung Pay Mini being that of online payments.

Samsung Pulls Out Of Australia Digital Camera Market
There were rumors from last year that Samsung would be closing their digital camera division, but the company has since denied them. However at the same time, Samsung has been pulling out of several markets which if anything certainly looks like they’re preparing to exit the market at some point in the future.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Gets Detailed
It looks like you might want to start looking forward to the future where smartphones are concerned with Samsung, and prepare for next year’s model already. Of course, for those who do not mind milling around mid-range or entry level smartphones can always settle for the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) which has already been detailed by TENAA, the equivalent of the FCC over at China. Talk about the South Korean […]

Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition
Earlier today we reported that Samsung had teased that they would be launching a Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge handset, and we were wondering when it would be announced. Turns out that we didn’t have to wait too long because Samsung has since made it official in a press release.

Drop Test: iPhone 6s VS Samsung Galaxy S7
Batman v Superman, Team Cap v Team Iron Man, the overarching theme these days seem to be a good, old fashioned rivalry between two characters from the “good” side. Well, when it comes to the highly competitive world of smartphones, you know for sure that there is no love lost between Samsung and Apple, as they have been at each other for a long time now with their respective smartphones. […]