goosebump-sensorThere are several times when goosebumps actually make their appearance – when you are cold, or when you feel a chill run down the back of your spine when you enter one of the reputedly haunted rooms or area, or when you are exposed to an unbelievable art piece or masterful performance. Perhaps those on a supernatural quest to film denizens of the underworld might want to take note that a research team successfully come up with a sensor which is able to measure goosebumps on the human body, all in real time. This tool will come in handy for ghost hunters, since you can now register the presence of goosebumps on your team members elsewhere at the property, giving you an indication that all is not right.

How does this particular device function in the first place? For starters, it will make use of a stick-on transparent conductive polymer that will be able to quantify just how large the size of the bumps are, as well as the length of time in which they will be in existence.

This is made possible by recording a drop in the sensor’s capacitance, which is actually its ability to stash away an electrical charge. A goosebumps sensor could eventually see action in studying the changes which occur in one’s emotions. The square sensor itself is thin and flexible, sporting sides that measure approximately 2cm in length. I do wonder, can such a sensor be used to make video games more interactive?

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