obesity-sensorThe world is getting fatter on average, that is for sure. The thing is, what is being done in the fight against obesity? A wise man once told me, anything that can be measured, can be improved, and here we are with this bunch of hi-tech sensors which are said to be capable of measuring the amount of food intake as well as activity level, so that one is able to figure out just what kind of obesity risks are attached to the associated lifestyle. This particular project is funded by the European Union, and the project is known as Splendid, targeting to persuade younger folk to adopt healthier lifestyles as well as to be more aware of their eating and exercise habits.

As of now, obesity can be said to be the cause of approximately 2.8 million deaths among adults annually, and the Splendid system will first be tested on around 200 secondary school students in Sweden, with a different set of children receiving the very same test in the Netherlands. I would suppose that ordinary folk like you and I would be able to make do with such metrics, but high performing athletes, too, might be able to benefit from such technology as they attempt to max out every bit of possible performance from their bodies when crunch time strikes.

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