ucardoSince Hipscan popped up a few weeks ago to bring QR codes into the limelight, it feels like the black and white boxes are making a comeback. Another company taking advantage of QR codes for its virtual business card service has now surfaced, with an open beta for the public to try out. Called ucardo, the service attempts to bring business cards to a whole new level.

ucardo works by giving its users a unique QR code and a microsite which they can personalize to represent their business card. Users can put in their details, company, photo, and even links to their Twitter or Facebook page. People who can the QR code can also download a virtual copy of the business card, thus eliminating the need to store physical cards in a binder only to have trouble locating them in the future.

Having a microsite listing your details also means that if you have any changes to make – i.e. you switched companies or got a new phone number etc – you can still use your old business card that has your QR code printed on it. There’s no need to reprint new cards each time you update a personal detail (which also makes it good for the environment). ucardo is currently  in its beta testing stage, with all beta testers getting a free 6-month period after it’s over. After that they’ll have to pay to continue. If you’re interested in giving the service a go, just head over to ucardo.com now and get your QR code today.

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