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OrbSys Recycling Shower Is A Novel Idea
A bath or a shower – which one saves more water in the long run? I guess it really depends on the user, no matter how much water a shower head can save, if you are going to stay in there for an entire hour, you might be better off soaking yourself in a tub of water. Well, there can always be improvements made to existing designs, and this is […]

Sprite shower is one zany outdoor ad
You know how hot it gets during the summer and in tropical countries that get plenty of sunshine around the year. Spending some time at the beach or seaside to get a tan is a good idea, but after all that sun and sand, it makes perfect sense that you are not exactly the glowing recommendation for being the best smelling human being in the world. Obviously, expending all of […]

The ECO Zonda Is An Eco-Friendly Jacuzzi, Tub And Shower
Most of us take water for granted, we think that it’ll always be there but yet there are countries in the world that are frequently affected by droughts and to them, having water to drink, bathe and cook with is already considered a luxury, sometimes even having to resort to getting water from sources that are less than hygienic. Shockingly only 1% of the worlds water is fit for consumption, […]

Hansgrohe RainBrain is a high-tech shower device
Where’s the one place in your house where you can escape from advanced technology? One of the most common answers will probably be the bathroom, where the only thing electronic would be the light bulb on the ceiling and maybe the heater you have to keep your water warm. Well, Hansgrohe plans to change all that with the introduction of its advanced shower computer system called RainBrain.This state-of-the-art electronic shower […]


LED shower heads let you know how hot the water is
If you’ve always liked the idea of showering in a disco, you might like the idea of the LED Color Changing Shower Head from Chinavision. This specially designed custom shower head is just like a regular shower head, except that it has LEDs that light up according to the temperature of the water flowing. For temperatures below 90°F it turns green, for temperatures 91 to 105°F it turns blue and […]

LED showers make scrubbing down a much more soothing experience
Since LED lights always seem to mesmerize most folks, it makes perfect sense to have it in the shower, and designer Danilo Fedeli has concocted a range of LED showers as part of the Light series. These shower heads will come in various shapes, ranging from oval to square and rectangular, complete with LED lights of various colors to match what you like. The shower heads are different from the […]

Haier PowerPad Harnesses Waste Heat From Shower Water
Many folks out there love to enjoy a hot shower, but there is always plenty of waste heat generated when doing so. Some smart folks out there have come up with a device that will harness said waste heat in order to reduce electricity consumption, and will be able to capture the waste heat from your shower and transfer it to the hot water tank. Dubbed the PowerPad, it claims […]

Dornbracht Ambiance Tuning for a luxurious shower
Taking a shower is always something relaxing for most of us, and the Dornbracht Ambiance Tuning adds a touch of class. Designed by Sieger Design, this hi-tech shower fittings allow you to enjoy a customized shower experience, since each of them will work individually to transform water via the JustRain, WaterSheet and WaterBar outlets. Gotta love the band of color around the knob as well, making showering in the dark […]

Arkema solar-powered shower
Arkema knows that there is nothing better than enjoying a nice, warm shower after a particularly hard day at the office, and they help you save money in the process. This solar-powered shower comes in a modern style with a curved tower, where you can choose from a wide range of colors. Its arching tower will position the showerhead directly over the person taking a bath, with the thermostat set […]

Water Droplet Shower Timer
We all want to do our part for the environment, and one of the things that many folk out there are doing to minimize wastage is to reduce the amount of water used. You might not be confident of keeping track of how long you’ve been in the shower, and if that’s the case, the Water Drop Shower Timer is there to help you out. With its ability to attach […]

Arc shower system
Check out the Arc shower system that brings something totally different to your oasis of relaxation in your home – it will turn a standard “shower mode” to an “energy-saving mode” without missing a beat. All warm shower water on the spot will be recycled, alleviating your guilt whenever you indulge in a nice, warm bath – even better if you use a solar-powered heater, of course. If it ever […]

Moen ioDigital Shower
Most of us plebians have to settle for regular showers in our homes, but for folks who want something better than what is offered in regular stores, there is always the Moen ioDigital shower that features a Roman spa and vertical spa control system, boasting personalized temperature settings to cater to the many people in your home (who share the same shower, of course). This makes life much more convenient, […]

HydroGlass Showers You Atop Fish Tank
Talk about getting a shower the lazy way while being entertained by a school of fish facing you – after all, you do lie down on top of this tank known as the HydroGlass face-down, with seven shower heads pointing down at you alongside a hand-held shower head for your assistant to help hose you down. Perfect to refill the water in the fish tank, but won’t all that soap and […]