Most of us take water for granted, we think that it’ll always be there but yet there are countries in the world that are frequently affected by droughts and to them, having water to drink, bathe and cook with is already considered a luxury, sometimes even having to resort to getting water from sources that are less than hygienic. Shockingly only 1% of the worlds water is fit for consumption, which means that we should be saving water whenever possible. Introducing the ECO Zonda which looks to do just that.

Designed by Francisco Lupin, the ECO Zonda acts as your typical shower, bath tub and jacuzzi all in one with the pretty neat exception that it actually takes the water that was used during the process of cleaning yourself and recycles it. If you think that’s gross hold on because the ECO Zonda will filter the harmful particles out, giving you back (relatively) clean water, although we’re guessing you may not want to drink it. On top of that the ECO Zonda is equipped with a sensor that will be able to detect where you are standing in the tub, redirecting water to that particular area so as not to cause any unnecessary wastage.

This bath tub is great for those who are environmentally conscious and with its sleek and elegant modern design we’re guessing that it would be an interior designer’s dream to be able to fit this beauty into any bathroom.

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