Hansgrohe RainBrainWhere’s the one place in your house where you can escape from advanced technology? One of the most common answers will probably be the bathroom, where the only thing electronic would be the light bulb on the ceiling and maybe the heater you have to keep your water warm. Well, Hansgrohe plans to change all that with the introduction of its advanced shower computer system called RainBrain.

This state-of-the-art electronic shower system features a touchscreen panel that allows users to select their preferences in an easy virtual way – no more fumbling around with knobs when your hands are wet and slippery from the soap. If you have a compatible device, the RainBrain can be used to control your music player or phone via Bluetooth for easy music switching without getting your device wet.

It even has presets for up to four different people so stepping into a shower and getting it to behave how you want it is just a touch away. And it also features an anti-scalding system to protect children and adults from being exposed to high temperature water blasts by accident. The RainBrain can be yours for $4,750. Head over to the Hansgrohe website for more details.

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