You know how hot it gets during the summer and in tropical countries that get plenty of sunshine around the year. Spending some time at the beach or seaside to get a tan is a good idea, but after all that sun and sand, it makes perfect sense that you are not exactly the glowing recommendation for being the best smelling human being in the world. Obviously, expending all of that energy playing beach volleyball or simply tanning yourself and getting dehydrated in the process would mean one thing – you would love nothing better than to shower yourself down, removing those pesky grains of sand between your toes in the process.

A refreshing drink would also do wonders for your countenance, and most people would look to isotonic drinks that help balance out all those wonky electrolytes in your body. Well, check out this particular ad that sees a huge Sprite dispenser that is installed in one of the most crowded beaches in Brazil, allowing one to enjoy a cold refreshing shower during the sweltering Brazilian summer. Talk about the refreshing power of Sprite with such an installation that sees over 1,500 showers being performed every single day! Brilliant piece of advertising with a mixture of tech and practicality, don’t you think so?

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