Vizio Razor LED mobile TV range announced

[CES 2010] You know how consumer electronics manufacturers have to come up with something different and new each year to keep the masses satisfied? Well, with 3D being the last frontier (they say that every year concerning whatever new technology that was announced), could we see mobile 3D TVs being the next big thing? Vizio might be walking down that path, but in the meantime we will have to be satisfied with their Razor LED mobile TV range that features 800 x 480 resolution, as it pulls down ATSC broadcasts while displaying them in screen sizes of 7″, 9″ and 10″. The 9″ and 10″ models, also known as the VMB090 and VMB100 are also able to receive NTSC broadcasts as well as the new mobile ATSC-MH broadcast. Other features comprise of an HDMI 1.4 input, composite inputs, a headphone jack and a USB port. Needless to say, its smaller sibling, the 7″ (VMB070) Razor LED mobile TV does not feature USB and HDMI connectivity while being unable to receive ATSC-MH broadcasts, but this helps cut the fat to make it attractive at a svelte 0.75″ in thickness. You can pick up the VMB070, VMB090 and VMB100 later this year for $150, $200 and $230, respectively. Battery life is claimed to run for 3 hours on a single charge – is that with or without sound, we wonder?

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