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New ‘Silent Hill’ Movie Is In Development
Ever since Hideo Kojima left Konami and the Silent Hill game that he was working on was basically cancelled, many have been left wondering what will become of the Silent Hill franchise. We doubt that Konami would be ignoring it given its popularity, and we were right, sort of, because it looks like a new Silent Hill movie is in the works.

Two New Silent Hill Games Reportedly In Development
Several years ago when Hideo Kojima was still working at Konami, there was a new Silent Hill game in development. Unfortunately, the game was never completed and Kojima has since left the company. Many have been wondering about the fate of the franchise, and it seems that there could be some good news.

Guillermo Del Toro Won’t Get Involved In Video Games Anymore
Guillermo del Toro is a name you’re probably familiar with if you watch movies and TV series. He has been responsible for directing movies such as Hellboy, Pacific Rim, and Blade 2, but for those unfamiliar, del Toro has also dabbled in video games. One of those games is Silent Hill in which he and Hideo Kojima were supposed to be working on it together.However it later fell apart due […]

Konami Is Not Deleting P.T. From PS4 Consoles
A few months ago, Konami announced that they will be removing P.T. from the PlayStation Store. However for those who had already downloaded the game, they could essentially keep it and keep playing it for as long as they wanted. However there have been a recent spate of rumors that suggested that Konami was actually deleting copies of the game from the consoles of gamers.Thankfully it appears that the rumors […]


Silent Hills Teaser P.T. Being Yanked From PlayStation Store
For quite some time now PlayStation 4 owners have been able to access a playable teaser for horror title Silent Hills called P.T. on the PlayStation 4 but it has come to our attention that Konami is pulling P.T. from the PlayStation Store. Konami has confirmed this action on its website and has also given a confirmed release date after which P.T. will no longer be accessible on the PS Store.

Largest Silent Hill Collection In The World
In June this year, we saw the world’s largest video game collection being put up for sale, before it was snapped up for a cool three quarters of a million dollars not too long after. Well, there are different categories of records to vie for in the world of video games, which is why a certain Whitney Chavis is proud to have been certified by the Guinness World Records. Chavis […]